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Who Is This Older Man I Experienced A Strong Connection With?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Cretu.

Cretu: Long ago I experienced a very strong connection with a man 29 years older than me. Nothing happened between us. It was a silent knowing, just by looking into each other’s eyes and smiling at each other – a very pure form of bonding.

Council: It was a recognition with someone you’ve been with in other lifetimes.

Cretu: People around us became immediately aware of this energy and my life started to slowly get intoxicated by cruelty and jealousy to the point that years later I became a recluse. One girl went to a fortune teller and asked them to do something bad to me. I never believed in these things, but my life truly went downhill a few years later.

Council: Apparently you do believe that other people can create something bad in your life because no one can do anything bad to you. Many people say they don’t believe in curses or bad things being sent to them, but on a deeper level they do believe it. And so because of this belief, they start seeing things going downhill in their life.

It’s very important for you to know that you’re in charge of your life. If anything is going downhill, if you’re experiencing many challenges and much unhappiness, you are creating this from your thoughts.

The number one thing would be to meditate that you’re in spirit. You come here to the Earth path and you know that you’re in complete control of your life. Anything you’re experiencing, you’re creating it. When your life is uncomfortable, you’re creating it to see, know, and believe you can change it.

Bob: So when Cretu says that she became intoxicated by cruelty and jealousy, she chose to experience the cruelty and jealousy?

Council: Exactly. It was there and it was Cretu’s choice to let it in, but it was your choice on how you’d let this cruelty and jealousy affect you. Could you laugh at it? Can you let it go? Or will it overwhelm you, bring you sadness, and make you nervous? This cruelty and jealousy were experienced by you so you could see how you chose to experience it.

Bob: Any comments on what Cretu says about years later becoming a recluse?

Council: This was all her choice. This was out of fear and out of believing everything is going wrong.

Cretu: When I was in this man’s presence, I used to vibrate with such joy and love that I never felt anywhere else in the world. Just the thought of him would connect me with the source and my higher self. It was magical, and I could tell that it was reciprocated, even though we never told each other it was magical.

Council: This man came into your life to help you to connect with the source. And when you were connected and you knew that feeling was so wonderful, when this person is no longer in your life, it was your experience that would make you try to connect with source and your higher self without this person, and of course you can do that.

Cretu: I’d like to know who and what this person is to me, and who and what I am to him.

Council: You are spirits that have come together before, you have experienced lifetimes together, you learned well together, and you decided to take another crack at this process this time around.

Cretu: I’ve always wondered if there was a past life connection between us.

Council: You’ve come together in past lives as siblings, mothers, and fathers. You’ve switched roles. You’ve been partners before. For many lifetimes you wished to learn the same things, and so you jump in together in different lifetimes to create what you wanted to experience. It’s a wonderful partnership that comes together every now and then, and you’ve chosen this partnership in your current life.

Bob: Any comments on the 29-year age difference between Cretu and this man?

Council: Not at all. This connection was wanted and it was pre-planned that there would be such an age difference. It would just be when their meeting occurred, a recognition, a comfortable feeling, and being elated in the feeling of love because that’s who we truly are. And working together in past lives it was easy to connect to that emotion of who we really are as love and light when we’d be with that person, or even think of that person. It’s still possible.

Cretu: In two different periods of my life I experienced flashbacks from past lives and there’s one scene that’s haunted me forever – the silhouette of a man with a hat and cloak walking at night, and the same man lying with me on the ground in the street as one of us was dying, and promising to each other that our love would have been stronger than death.

It’s not easy to describe what happens to me when I connect with different times. It literally takes me away from the present, and all my soul and mind. I hope I can find answers through The Council.

Council: It’s very important when you had these images to see them and feel them. You can try and find out more about it, like what happened right before that scene in the street, or what happened after it. That’s an experience to connect with the past.

But we tell you that you are here now to focus on the now. It’s important not to keep going back to that past, or to any past. Take a look here and there, but live your life in your present. That’s what you intended to do – create in this lifetime.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Cretu and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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Is it Possible for Me to Exist in Several Places at One Time?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Over The Wall, who says it seems that in spirit, travel is instantaneous, but is it also possible to be in multiple locations at one time? The Council says yes. In spirit, travel is as quick as a thought.

Over The Wall asks if they can live in the astral counterparts of both London and Paris at the same time? The Council says you can do this. The astral is a twin part of what you’re experiencing now. With your focus on the astral plane you can have knowledge of many other timelines.

Over The Wall says they hear stories about souls being shown many different options when it comes to pre-planning a new life, particularly as this relates to choosing parents and locations for the new life. Would it be possible to say yes to all the options because we’re multidimensional?

The Council says when you’re planning a life, and the lessons you wish to learn, and the things you want to help others with, you work with your spirit guides on how to go about doing this. They and you will suggest different ways to handle the kind of parents and family you want to pick and the kind of work you want. You’ll be given options and you’ll always be granted the options you choose. Your spirit guides can’t choose for you, but they can help by showing you different options.

If you want to experience more than one option you would create different lifetimes and then choose a different option. You can experience all of your options. You’ll have an option for one lifetime, for example, to be in an abusive family. And then there’s the part of you that wants to live in grandeur and being very rich with a loving family. You’d create two different incarnations to experience both of these options.

Over The Wall says would someone incarnating in 1945 select multiple timelines where the outcomes of World War II are different so they could experience multiple situations? Or would they just pick one outcome to incarnate into? The Council says you can incarnate into two different lifetimes. Each part of you would focus in and know only the one lifetime you’ve chosen. There’s the other part of you that’s in another lifetime with a different outcome. This is possible.

You can choose about the war or any subject in many lifetimes, remembering that you’re part of source. A small part of you as source would go into each lifetime. And as you are the creator, you’ve planned in spirit in one lifetime to win the war. In another lifetime your side looses the war. In a third lifetime aliens will come and save you. You are the creator of these lives. You can create as many lifetimes as you desire with as many different outcomes.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Over The Wall and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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How Can We Be Individual and One at the Same Time?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kaitlin, who’s read a lot about spirit and near-death experiences, and she notices what she reads is often contradictory. The Council says isn’t it wonderful that different people in our reality have different opinions and contradict each other? And they ask if we can see how wonderful our free will is?

Kaitlin says she understands we are eternal souls and she wonders what part of our personality is eternal? The Council says every personality from every life you’re living is part of who you are in spirit and will always be with you. It’s like your memories coming with you when you transition back into spirit. All the things you love, all the things you’re interested in, and even the things you feared and your challenges come with you into spirit, but you see these things from a totally different perspective in spirit.

Kaitlin’s read we’re eternal souls, we’re all one, and this life is like a dream. It feels real while we’re here in a physical body, but when we die, that’s the real reality. And in spirit we’ll reach a point where we merge with source and realize we were never separate in the first place.

The Council agrees you are never separate from source. Every lifetime and every reality feels real to us while we’re in them so we can have the experience we’ve created. And when you return to spirit it all feels like a dream. When you come from the divine part of you into the human part of you, they are both real. Every incarnation is real. The physical part is real. This physical part is what’s needed to get you through whatever experiences you choose.

Kaitlin asks how we can be individual and one at the same time? How are we eternal? And why do people say we’ll reach a point when we realize there was only ever one of us? The Council says when you know you’re truly God and that God is within you in every life you choose to live and every experience you wish to have, you take the part of source or God with you into your physical life. You’re still connected to source. You’re still connected to God energy.

As you create a new personality, the God part of you comes along for the ride to have these experiences you’ve chosen. Each person is part of source, is part of God. The greater part of who you are still remains in the spirit world, still remains as God. Picture the Sun as the source and each of the Sun’s rays is a different person and a different lifetime, but you’re all coming from source. When you feel you’ve learned everything you need to learn, you can return to source, be part of it, and no longer come forward until you feel the need.

When we experience ourselves as one with everything, we can experience every lifetime that everyone has ever gone through. We have all the knowledge of everything that’s ever happened. This is the part of us that’s one. We’re able to feel and learn from every other part of source that comes forward. When we wish to have our own personal journey we send out a piece of ourselves to experience that journey. And as we return to source, all the others can learn from us also.

Kaitlin says she’s read we are souls that incarnate into humans who have their own separate personalities that are violent and fear-based. The Council says it’s important to know everyone has a goal to accomplish. As a soul with a divine source you can choose any goal. When you experience coming into your human body you can choose to be violent as a challenge to turn this violence around. If you choose to come into a human body to understand fear, this fear is created by you to understand it and turn it around. It’s not a terrible thing to come into a body and be violent or fearful. You’re learning what this particular challenge is or you’re helping other souls to learn this.

Kaitlin asks, or is life all love and everything is energy and nothing is actually physical. The Council says we are all love. When we incarnate into a life as a human we experience the physical, but we’re also still energy. We’re energy that’s taken on the form of a physical body that’s necessary for us to experience what we’ve asked to experience in this lifetime. When you remove yourself from your body, you’re light, you’re love, and you’re energy. When you incarnate into a body, you’re squeezing a small part of who you are as spirit into this body.

The Council closes with a reminder to keep thinking and keep expanding your mind. Put love into everything you come across because that’s what called you here.

Listen to the entire 10-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kaitlin and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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Did I Create a Portal in My Bedroom?

This post answers questions for The Council by a reader named Malia, who says she thinks there’s an energetic portal in her bedroom and she’d like to know if she created this portal.

The Council says a portal is usually a doorway to another reality. They say when you dream or work with energy, you don’t have to go through a doorway and it isn’t needed. At night when you astral travel while you’re asleep you don’t go through a portal. The soul merely lifts from the body and travels.

The Council sees a lot of energy where Malia lives because of what she carries in her aura and the work she does. Don’t look for a portal; you are a spirit and a portal isn’t needed. People believe there’s a portal because it makes them feel special. You can create a portal with your beliefs, but they don’t see this is something Malia has done.

The Council asks Malia to continue the work she does and her travels without the limit of having to go through a portal. You are a limitless spirit and can travel anywhere by just thinking about it. Bless your entire home and know it’s filled with the energy of source that you’re part of. You have the ability to connect with energy, to ask for information, and to travel with your mind without the need of a portal.

The Council recommends Malia try connecting inwardly in other areas of her home and she’ll find it’s the same as her bedroom. Wherever she is she has the ability to connect and feel the energy and call it in. You are capable of all this without being in a special place where you go through a portal. This is what you must learn at this time.

Malia closes by saying if she did make a portal is there a way to take care of it other than seeing the higher intentions. The Council says if Malia feels she’s created this portal, the best thing they see for her to do is surround the portal with beautiful energy, have good thoughts when you’re in that area, and fill this part of your home with the energy of love and joy.

Listen to our entire 5-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Malia and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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You’re Already the Spirit You Desire to Be

This post answers questions from a reader named Darla, who says she’s heard the reason we’re here on Earth is to raise our vibration and become more like the source or creator. and she asks if we originally came from source, why aren’t we already at that higher level?

The Council says you’re already at this higher level of source, but when you agreed to come into this Earth reality and create your life, you agreed to come down to the lower energy that’s in this reality. And by sharing the vibration of love, understanding, and compassion, you bring this energy from source and spread it into this Earth reality in order to lift it up.

When you are born into this Earth reality there is a forgetfulness, but it’s always your intention, as you go through either a wonderful life or a challenging life, to get to a point where you can remember you are so much more than your physical body.

Often you find it difficult to believe you are spirit in your physical body, but your higher self provides you with many experiences of this and you start to believe there’s something more. When you think something and there’s a desire and you are happy, the right people, job, and circumstances come along. Maybe you’re not at the point where you believe you’re spirit, but you’re opening to the idea there’s something more than what you experience physically.

Darla says she can’t understand the point about all these lives and lessons. The Council says all these lives and lessons are created by her as a spiritual being. Sometimes you incarnate in order to have certain experiences. Sometimes you’ve already had this experience, but you agree to help other spirits who incarnate to deal with whatever this experience involves. This will provide you with a better sense of what you’re going through, but you may not remember it was your agreement to come in and help others.

Darla asks if we’ll ever reach a point of not having to return for more lives. The Council says this can happen whenever you feel you’re ready for that. The choice to come back and have life after life is entirely up to you. You can choose to remain in spirit and help others by sending them the vibration of love, happiness, and joy.

The Council makes clear that it’s up to Darla, in spirit, whether she incarnates on Earth or not. They say there’s no other way to get here. You have to agree in spirit that you want it. No one forces you. It’s always your choice.

Listen to our 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Darla and the rest of us. We feel this session contains valuable information for anyone trying to make sense of there life. Let us know how you feel about it.

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You Are Loved Into Creation

“You are loved into creation.”

wanting to experience more of itself,
loved you into creation.”

–The Council (Excerpt from March 20, 2011 session)

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