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Is it Possible for Me to Exist in Several Places at One Time?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Over The Wall, who says it seems that in spirit, travel is instantaneous, but is it also possible to be in multiple locations at one time? The Council says yes. In spirit, travel is as quick as a thought.

Over The Wall asks if they can live in the astral counterparts of both London and Paris at the same time? The Council says you can do this. The astral is a twin part of what you’re experiencing now. With your focus on the astral plane you can have knowledge of many other timelines.

Over The Wall says they hear stories about souls being shown many different options when it comes to pre-planning a new life, particularly as this relates to choosing parents and locations for the new life. Would it be possible to say yes to all the options because we’re multidimensional?

The Council says when you’re planning a life, and the lessons you wish to learn, and the things you want to help others with, you work with your spirit guides on how to go about doing this. They and you will suggest different ways to handle the kind of parents and family you want to pick and the kind of work you want. You’ll be given options and you’ll always be granted the options you choose. Your spirit guides can’t choose for you, but they can help by showing you different options.

If you want to experience more than one option you would create different lifetimes and then choose a different option. You can experience all of your options. You’ll have an option for one lifetime, for example, to be in an abusive family. And then there’s the part of you that wants to live in grandeur and being very rich with a loving family. You’d create two different incarnations to experience both of these options.

Over The Wall says would someone incarnating in 1945 select multiple timelines where the outcomes of World War II are different so they could experience multiple situations? Or would they just pick one outcome to incarnate into? The Council says you can incarnate into two different lifetimes. Each part of you would focus in and know only the one lifetime you’ve chosen. There’s the other part of you that’s in another lifetime with a different outcome. This is possible.

You can choose about the war or any subject in many lifetimes, remembering that you’re part of source. A small part of you as source would go into each lifetime. And as you are the creator, you’ve planned in spirit in one lifetime to win the war. In another lifetime your side looses the war. In a third lifetime aliens will come and save you. You are the creator of these lives. You can create as many lifetimes as you desire with as many different outcomes.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Over The Wall and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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