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Do Friends Or Family Have Bad Intentions Affecting Our Health?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LovePeace.

LovePeace: My family is struggling with bad health ever since we moved to Atlanta. We’re continuously getting sick, which is highly unusual for us.

Council: Was this move to Atlanta wanted? Were your thoughts positive and excited about this part of your life that was coming up?

We’d say to everyone that your health is controlled by your thoughts and by your vibration. It’s wise to remember, everything must, must, must start in vibration. There are negative thoughts that lower your vibration. There are positive thoughts that bring your vibration up into a place where you feel good. When you’re in that higher vibration you cannot stay sick. Sickness is in a lower vibration and it feeds the body differently. When you’re in a positive vibration, stay in that vibration as much as you can. How do you stay in it? You find things to be grateful for. You think of all the things that you have accomplished in your life, of things that you’ve gone through and it’s made you feel good.

Concentrate on what you want your life to be like. Imagine it in detail. Do you want to be married? Do you want to move again? Do you want a big family? Do you want a career? What is it? See it. And the more you can see it, you will feel it. When you feel it, it must happen. This is daily work that needs to be done. Change the vibration. When it changes your health must, must, must change.

According to what you’re saying here, everyone isn’t in a great feeling vibration. One person gets sick and another person will be afraid they’ll catch it or they’ll get sick. So now everyone is in this vibration of fear of what’s going on here. Maybe this move wasn’t a good move because we’re all sick. The move is fine. It’s your thoughts that must change. Atlanta will be a wonderful place to live. This is what we want when we’re here. Stay in the positive thoughts. That’s how you change your health. It must start in vibration. How do you get a higher vibration? You do it with your thoughts. You’re in control of this.

There’s no need to fear what’s happening. According to the way everyone’s been thinking, everyone has been getting sick. So now change it. It’s that simple. We say here, it’s not always easy for you in your reality to do it, but it’s a simple answer. Change your thoughts.

LovePeace:  These sicknesses also take a long time to get better.

Council: Ah, and what does that tell you? The thoughts are taking up much of this time. And so, again, change it.

You can feel really sick, and while you’re sitting at home laying in bed, you can control your thoughts. See yourself as feeling better. Oh, I’m walking around. Oh, I don’t need medicine. Oh, I feel relaxed. You can do that while you’re sick. When you see it, when you imagine it and begin to feel it, with this imagery you’ll change what’s going on in your physical reality.

LovePeace: It can affect our work schedule and our kid’s school schedule.

Council: Of course, that’s how it works. Vibration and energy don’t stay in one area of your life. It hits other areas. So if you aren’t feeling well, it can affect how you take care of your children or how you take care of your house. Can you go to work? It’s like a domino effect. It’s important what you think.

LovePeace: I’ve been having some issues with friends and family, as well. I want to check if any of them has the evil eye or bad intentions that are contributing to our bad health.

Council: There’s no evil eye unless you believe in this. There’s only energy, and the energy that you surround yourself with is what’s important. And so there’s only a curse of an evil eye if you believe it. Even if you have the thought: Is it possible? Of course, if you think that, it will be possible, but nothing happens, nothing will touch you when you work with positive thoughts. Surround yourself in beautiful pink light and know that it’s healing and love. That’s what you need.

LovePeace: Please provide guidance on how we can keep healthy and happy.

Council: We believe we’ve done that.

This we can tell you: You can accomplish this. We see, if you choose to do the work, you’ll all be better. And so, now it’s your choice. Do you choose love and positivity, or do you choose fear? It’s only you that will create what happens in your life.

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  1. Wow! What helpful information, thank you. It really makes sense.

    I have to laugh and tell you Bob & Cynthia that every time I have a question for the Council the answers seem to always present themselves before I can even contact you to ask. This answers the questions I submitted yesterday, thank you!

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    Comment by Lindsay | November 26, 2022

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