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Will I Have The Baby I Desire With My Partner?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Momof 3. in response to a post we wrote called: Will I Have A Child With My Current Partner?

Momof 3: We want to say here that we don’t have a turban on our head. We don’t look in a crystal ball and say, yes you will have a child, or no you won’t. It’s all your choice. If you want this child with your partner, if your partner wants a child with you, then see it, feel it, and do the inner work. And when the doubts come up just say, no, and see it the way you want it to be. If this will bring you happiness, if you can see you both having a child and experience the feeling of joy, and seeing what your life would be like living this, you will create it. No one else will create in your life.

So if you want this and your partner wants the same thing, how wonderful. You don’t need anyone else to tell you it will happen. Your thoughts and where you focus will or will not make it happen. So go into the feeling of joy and see it, and we promise you it will happen. It must happen if you see it as real as you can. Go into every detail you want. It will happen.

So we send you all blessings, and thoughts of happiness, and thoughts of love and joy, and seeing the energy around you growing and becoming more beautiful, and you feel lighter than you ever felt before because you are light. Let it shine.

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