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Do We Have To Unite With Our Twin Flame To Spiritually Ascend, Or With Our Multidimensional Self?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Bluestar Child.

Bluestar Child: In general, is it necessary to unite with your twin flame to spiritually ascend from the third dimension here on Earth, or is it an attachment of the ego that we need to let go of and actually have to unite with our own multi-dimensional selves?

Council: Exactly, let go of the ego. You don’t need anything or anyone else to move up the ladder and go from one dimension to another, which you’ve already done.

And so it’s the beliefs that you must have a twin soul, you have to have a soulmate. No. You need to create what you want with your thoughts. You need, in your prayers, in your meditations, to always want to connect with that higher part of you that knows what it wants to do, that knows what you wanted to experience in this lifetime. That’s all that’s needed. No one else is needed.

BS: Is there a true twin flame?

Council: When you create a twin flame, you take a part of your spirit and send it out there and create the kind of person you want this twin flame to be in your life. So it’s you (as a spirit) taking on the persona of another person: a man, a woman, an animal, whatever it is. But it is you, and you can create this as many times as you want and in as many realities as you want. The twin flame is you.

It’s like you looking in a mirror and saying, “Let me put on this Halloween costume and let me see what I find with this person that I’m creating. What is it about me that I want to learn? Why do I want to create this twin flame so I can feel comfortable? Why do I want to create this twin flame so that I can have a lot in common, so that I can grow at a pace that feels comfortable, that I’m supported by someone (and that someone is you) to go through this reality and [go through] what I want to experience.”

Bob: Do you differentiate between the terms twin flame and soulmate?

Council: The soulmate is someone that you create because you think this soulmate will be the great love of your life. And it’s another spirit that’s agreed to come into your life and play that part.

But when you create this twin flame, it’s the mirror of you. And so there’s not another spirit that’s involved in that.

Bob: So on the subject of twin flames, if it’s another person, how is there not another spirit involved in that?

Council: A twin flame is you. It’s a part of you that you’ve sent out to come in the form of a person, or an animal, or whatever it is that you need.

A soulmate is another soul that perhaps you’ve been in other lifetimes with, or it can be someone new, but it’s a different soul, a different spirit that said, “Yes, I will come in and be whatever we decide we need to be in this lifetime.”

The twin flame is you creating with you.

Bob: I think I understand. It sounds like you’re saying that in spirit you send a part of yourself and create another person, but it’s your actual spirit in the form of another person.

Council: Exactly.

Bob: And you’re calling them a twin flame.

Council: Yes.

Bob: It doesn’t involve the spirit or soul of another.

Council: Excellent, Bob. Yes, you’ve got it.

Bob: But the soulmate…

Council: …is another spirit.

Bob: Thank you very much for that clarification. I appreciate that.

Council: Good question.

Bob: Now we have a point of clarification that we’d like to ask about in our post where we answered Bluestar Child’s first four out of five questions. It was a post entitled, Do I Have A Twin Flame, Not A Soulmate?

Early in that post Bluestar Child said, “I would like to ask The Council if I have a twin flame, and I don’t mean a soulmate.” And you said, You’re going to try to answer them. This can be difficult to understand.” And we appreciate that you just provided some of that clarification.

Council: Yes, we’ve just given you the simplest explanation.

Bob: Now in that previous post, just after that statement, you said, “We were all created at the same time. There are no new souls.” And then you said, “There are souls that are new by creating your current reality.” And we’d like some clarification on those three statements.

Council: There are no new souls, but we’ll say there are millions, or a nice word that Cynthia likes, cazillions of souls everywhere, in every reality, in every dimension. And so there’s not a new soul being born. What happens is, in your reality when you bring a person in, it’s someone that’s agreeing to be here. It’s not a brand new soul. When you give birth, it’s not a brand new soul. The soul could be thousands of years old. We are all here. We are all doing many, many, many things.

So there’s no need to create a new soul. When you feel you want to create something, there’s nothing brand new. You’ll send out a part of yourself for whatever reason so that to your human mind it seems like a new soul, but it isn’t. There’s no need for anything new. We’re all here forever.

Bob: That’s interesting. So it sounds like you’re saying that on a spiritual level, all souls were created at the same time.

Council: Always was, always will be. And there are no words in your language to explain this. It’s just that we’re vibration and we are energy that goes on forever. There is a change in form perhaps, but we are always there.

Bob: And the change in form doesn’t involve any new souls?

Council: Exactly. And believe this or not, we all know each other, all cazillion trillion millions. We’re all connected. How wonderful is that? That will blow your mind.

Bob: So when you say there are souls that are new by creating your current reality, you’re saying that an old soul can seem new by bringing them into our current reality and experiencing them for the first time.

Council: Exactly. It could be a soul that you’ve never been with before so they would feel new.

Bob: But this soul and all souls were originally created all at the same time.

Council: Exactly.

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What Unfinished Business Do I Still Have in My LIfe?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Sam, who says he doesn’t understand what to do anymore. He says, I need answers. What is this unfinished business I still have?

The Council says in Sam’s current lifetime it’s very important to bring in peace. You lived in many wars in past lives and saw lots of destruction.

Counseling is a good role for you. Look at your friends and family. When it’s apparent there’s a lack of understanding or tension, you can step in and find a way to bring people together. This is the direction you want to go in, but it doesn’t mean your whole life has to be devoted to this. You didn’t create your life this way in spirit. But you did want it to come into your life and when it does it’s good not to ignore it. As a loving spirit, come in and try to bring some agreement and understanding into these people’s lives.

If you go in this direction you also planned to teach children about kindness, how to get along, and how to be helpful. We don’t see this as a career for you. Not all lessons come from something you have to be employed at. If you haven’t been able to work with this counseling you can start looking for it now in your life.

In your meditations and prayers you can ask for people to talk to you about their difficulties, whether it’s finances, relationships, health, work, or no matter what it is so you can learn to be an understanding ear for these people.

People need to be heard. And even though you might not have the words to fix everything, sit, listen, and try to understand and this will provide a healing for these people that find their way to you. This is something you’ve wanted to do for many lifetimes.

Be very sensitive when people’s energy doesn’t feel right. Maybe they’re upset and keeping something inside. Just by offering love with your thoughts these people will open up to you and that’s where you can step in and be of help.

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Help with Her Daughter’s Marriage

This post is inspired by a woman named, Marie, who asks The Council for help with her daughter’s unhappy marriage. The Council says how Marie looks at her daughter’s marriage will create what she sees. If Marie thinks her daughter is in a horrible marriage, this is what she’s creating. The Council asks Marie if she’s able to find some moments where her daughter and daughter’s husband are getting along and to focus on that instead of focusing on them not getting along.

Marie asks if it’s wise to encourage her daughter to leave her husband. And The Council says, not at all. Marie doesn’t consciously know what her daughter’s spirit and her daughter’s husband’s spirit agreed on and what they’re trying to heal in this lifetime. The Council recommends letting the marriage unfold. They point out that love allows everything and by allowing them to work on their marriage without interfering, Marie is loving her daughter.

The Council recommends that with Marie’s thoughts and prayers she picture her daughter and her husband doing what they need to do, whether it was to come together and have the courage to leave each other, or to come together and see things differently and get along better moving forward.

The Council says Marie’s daughter is trying to come together with her husband and find a path where they can understand each other. They’re trying to turn toward the experience of love. They’ve had several other lives together and they enjoy having these lives and helping each other grow and learn.

The Council says it’s possible her daughter and her daughter’s husband get along better than Marie perceives, and The Council asks Marie to change how she looks at the marriage. They say to almost strain herself to find something good in this marriage and as she does this more of this goodness will be created.

The Council recommends that Marie talk to her daughter about nice times her daughter and daughter’s husband shared together. This will help her daughter remember these nicer times. Marie should try to bring some light into the marriage as she talks about it with her daughter. Look for the good in this marriage and talk about it with her daughter, and it will help her daughter on her path.

Listen to our entire 6-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Marie and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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