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Help Me Heal My Relationship with My Dead Mother

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, PE, who’s asking for guidance about their relationship with their mother. I’ve asked for guidance on this website before and The Council strongly indicated our relationship was marked by a difficult past life. My mother passed away last year, but I continue to have troubling dreams about her.

The Council says you have the information about sharing a difficult past life and it’s now time to let that go. You can’t change what happened in your past life and how it affected you. Now your job is to deal with what’s going on for you in the present.

PE says, I feel guilty for not speaking to my mother the last few months of her life and for not always being compassionate with her. The Council says there’s no purpose for this guilt. The life you had with your mother was pre-planned in spirit. It was a life you both wanted. You wanted to learn from this life. You wanted to see how you’d handle it. And you wanted to see how you could turn this life around.

There are many times when this is difficult and you run out of time because one of the personalities decides to return to spirit. There’s the guilt you carry because you didn’t fulfill what you were trying to when you planned this life in spirit. Now your purpose is for you to understand your guilt isn’t necessary. You both played your parts in what was needed and you didn’t find the time or the feeling that was needed to speak with her before your mother’s passing.

What you need to understand is that you are both spirits. Where your mother is presently there’s no more anger and there’s no more bad feeling. Your mother is pure spirit and only sends you love. We hope you’re in a place where you can take this love in. There’s no part of your mother that wishes you to suffer. The dreams and the feelings you may be having are all from the guilt you hold within you and there’s no need for that.

PE says, Just when I think I’m making progress with healing my relationship with my mother, even after her death it feels like I’m taking a step backward or I feel stuck. The Council says this is because you go into your old thoughts which bring on old feelings and you begin to go into old patterns and slide backward. You need the discipline to constantly remind yourself you’re both spirits, you both planned this life in spirit, we accomplished what we could, and your mother was ready to move on. Now you’re left with how you want to bring closure for yourself with this relationship.

Of course meditate, but sit quietly and try to see your mother not as she was when she was in this reality in human form, but as a spirit in a beautiful and loving place who’s sending you loving energy to help you through this process. Once you can see her and you can feel you’re both spirits, you can begin to talk to her and tell her how it was for you and how it’s still bothering you. Perhaps you’d like a sign from your mother that all is well. Tell her you’ll accept the loving energy that she’s sending you to get you through your current difficulty.

We ask you if you’re really ready to accept loving energy from a woman who made your life difficult, even though this was planned, and it’ll help you let go of the guilt and move forward. Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to make peace with your mother? Are you ready to accept the love your mother is sending you? That’s what needs to be worked on at this time.

As everyone grows and develops and learns to create, just take information from your past and don’t stay stuck in those lives. Take all this information and use it to further yourself in the life you’re creating at this time.

We in spirit, as we watch you and see how you grow, we learn from this and also grow. We are all gifts to each other.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for PE and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into a Comment box that appears at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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How Do I Deal with Feelings of Ill Will Towards My Mother?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Ph, who wants to ask about their relationship with their mother. They say, I don’t like her and I guess I fear her because she was abusive and manipulative during my childhood and also later. The Council says when you were in spirit you both agreed on how she would treat you.

Ph says, I feel angry for having to interact with her and I’d prefer to never see her again. At the same time I feel guilty about this and I feel like I should be able to forgive her and have a normal relationship with her. The Council says there’s no purpose in feeling guilty. Your mother’s behavior is something that was planned in spirit and you both played your parts.

Ask yourself, what has this experience done to your thoughts and your feelings? If you cut off communication with your mother and if you choose to never see her again, will you feel that there’s no closure and no understanding? The part we’d like you to understand is that you planned this in spirit because it was an experience you wanted to go through to see how you’d handle this situation. Would you be able to turn your mother’s behavior around and have understanding why she behaved this way towards you? What did you learn from this? Did it make you fearful? Did it make you know your mother was someone you didn’t want to be like?

Going forward can understand forgiveness isn’t really necessary because no one forced this situation upon the both of you. You both agreed to have this experience. Can you look at your mother without hate and not wanting to be together with her again, and realize you are a powerful spirit? You can be with your mother and you can be in control of how you act with each other. You have the power if you allow this relationship into your life, but you decide to live it differently.

It’s important for you to constantly know you are a powerful spirit. You can get control of what direction this relationship goes in. And if you feel this relationship is something you don’t wish to go further within this lifetime, you can cut it off. We’re sure the two of you will come together again in another life to finish this lesson.

Ph says, I feel sad, angry, and confused because I want to care for myself and not deal with my mother. At the same time I feel I need to have compassion. The Council says as hard as this is to believe, you both agreed to experience this difficulty. You planned this in spirit step by step because this was something you wanted to experience.

Your mother came into your life to help you with what you wanted to learn and grow from. You went through the experience of growing up with her. That part is finished. Now ask yourself what you’ve learned. Do you want to put an end to it now, or do you bring love into it instead of blaming her for the way you were treated? How brave of you to go through this experience with her and have her teach you to hate her until you learn this is what you both wanted.

You both wanted to find compassion. If you understand who you are as a spiritual being and who your mother truly is, and if you choose to go the route of showing compassion, you will see a change in your relationship.

Ph wraps it up by asking what’s there for me to learn and do. The Council repeats, compassion and love, but first understand who you are. First understand you both agreed to experience the relationship the way you did. Now that this part is finished, where do you go with this? How do you want to take this relationship the rest of the way? That’s what you need to focus on.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Ph and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Unfortunately the quality of this recording in this post and the next two posts isn’t up to our usual standards. We’ll do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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Should I Stay In My Marriage or Leave with My Child?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name SoulPeace, who says she needs to choose between staying in a marriage that isn’t working out well and trying to make it better, or walk out of the marriage with their child.

The Council asks SoulPeace what part they’re playing in this marriage? Is she adding to the difficulties that are coming up? When you step back and look at this relationship the major question is, why isn’t the marriage working? What do you need from this marriage and what are you bringing to it? Do you feel the love you felt in the beginning of this relationship?

The choice is always yours whether to leave the marriage or stay with it, but the work must begin within you first. Look at what you have without blame, then try to decide what you’d like your marriage to look like. If you can focus on the marriage working and be open to the positive changes, then you can make this marriage work. As you begin to change how you treat your husband, how you speak to him, and how you appreciate the little things he might do, The Council says you can stay in this marriage lovingly.

SoulPeace says she’s always been scared of living on her own and taking on all the responsibilities of caring for their child. She doesn’t feel the love for her husband the last few years. The Council asks if she’s able to partner with him in bringing up their child? Are they able to get together and have fun with this child so it has a more loving life? When you’re able to come together and take the focus off what the other person is doing wrong and you’re in the vibration of love and joy even though the focus is your child, you have the ability to make the marriage better.

SoulPeace says she feels like she’s with her husband because it’s the more traditional option and she’s scared to live on her own. She finds it difficult to forget the things that happened in the past. The Council reminds SoulPeace that it’s a choice to take the focus off the past. When do you let go of this? When do you begin looking forward instead of backward? Have you learned from the mistakes you’ve made? What have you done to prevent these mistakes from continuing? If you decide to stay in this marriage, but continue with blaming your husband and stay in the vibration of anger and hurt, you won’t be able to change your future so you have a happy life.

If you decide you want to save your marriage, try thinking the reason you’ve gone through the dissatisfaction in your marriage is that you and your husband agreed to come to this point and then ask yourself if you can turn your marriage around. If you decide to leave, what are the steps you’d take to support your child and live on your own just the two of you? See this how you want it to be rather than out of fear. Visualize how leaving could work for you.

SoulPeace says she feels like she’s coming back to the same point in the relationship over and over. She’d like closure to this and to move ahead in any direction which is best for her and her child. The Council asks SoulPeace if she’s truly looking for closure or does she want to fix the marriage?

To start closure The Council suggests SoulPeace imagine where she and her child would go and how you’d live. If you want to change your marriage for the better The Council suggests letting go of the past. Maybe your husband doesn’t know how to undo what was done or fix the marriage, but perhaps you can discuss moving forward. Can you leave the past in the past?

Discuss how you’d like your marriage to be. What does your husband want the marriage to be like going forward? When memories come of what your husband did or didn’t do in your marriage that hurt you, acknowledge the hurt and then say goodbye to those thoughts. After a while those thoughts won’t come as frequently. Yes these things happened, but now you have an opportunity to create the future differently. You have the power to refocus on a happier thought and create the life you desire.

The Council closes by saying SoulPeace has a lot of work to do and a wonderful journey in whichever direction she chooses.

Listen to the entire 10-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for SoulPeace and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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