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How Do I Deal with Feelings of Ill Will Towards My Mother?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Ph, who wants to ask about their relationship with their mother. They say, I don’t like her and I guess I fear her because she was abusive and manipulative during my childhood and also later. The Council says when you were in spirit you both agreed on how she would treat you.

Ph says, I feel angry for having to interact with her and I’d prefer to never see her again. At the same time I feel guilty about this and I feel like I should be able to forgive her and have a normal relationship with her. The Council says there’s no purpose in feeling guilty. Your mother’s behavior is something that was planned in spirit and you both played your parts.

Ask yourself, what has this experience done to your thoughts and your feelings? If you cut off communication with your mother and if you choose to never see her again, will you feel that there’s no closure and no understanding? The part we’d like you to understand is that you planned this in spirit because it was an experience you wanted to go through to see how you’d handle this situation. Would you be able to turn your mother’s behavior around and have understanding why she behaved this way towards you? What did you learn from this? Did it make you fearful? Did it make you know your mother was someone you didn’t want to be like?

Going forward can understand forgiveness isn’t really necessary because no one forced this situation upon the both of you. You both agreed to have this experience. Can you look at your mother without hate and not wanting to be together with her again, and realize you are a powerful spirit? You can be with your mother and you can be in control of how you act with each other. You have the power if you allow this relationship into your life, but you decide to live it differently.

It’s important for you to constantly know you are a powerful spirit. You can get control of what direction this relationship goes in. And if you feel this relationship is something you don’t wish to go further within this lifetime, you can cut it off. We’re sure the two of you will come together again in another life to finish this lesson.

Ph says, I feel sad, angry, and confused because I want to care for myself and not deal with my mother. At the same time I feel I need to have compassion. The Council says as hard as this is to believe, you both agreed to experience this difficulty. You planned this in spirit step by step because this was something you wanted to experience.

Your mother came into your life to help you with what you wanted to learn and grow from. You went through the experience of growing up with her. That part is finished. Now ask yourself what you’ve learned. Do you want to put an end to it now, or do you bring love into it instead of blaming her for the way you were treated? How brave of you to go through this experience with her and have her teach you to hate her until you learn this is what you both wanted.

You both wanted to find compassion. If you understand who you are as a spiritual being and who your mother truly is, and if you choose to go the route of showing compassion, you will see a change in your relationship.

Ph wraps it up by asking what’s there for me to learn and do. The Council repeats, compassion and love, but first understand who you are. First understand you both agreed to experience the relationship the way you did. Now that this part is finished, where do you go with this? How do you want to take this relationship the rest of the way? That’s what you need to focus on.

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