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What Can I Do About My Temper Towards My Child?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader who’s having difficulty with her temper towards one of her children.

Anon: I’ve been loosing my temper terribly lately with one of my children and it’s stressful for the whole family. Many of their behaviors trigger me and I can’t seem to regain my composure once I’ve lost it. I’m generally not a volatile person, just with this child.

Council: In one life we see this child was your father and he was very strict with you growing up. And so it was an intention of both of you to switch roles this time, but instead of you being the strict parent, you would be the understanding parent. You would be the parent who watches the child , sees what it does, and then teaches it along the way.

In another life you were living in an orphanage and there was no way for you to do anything you wanted to do. You were living the Cinderella story, the part where she works and works, and is always told what to do.

So things that go on in your life now when people don’t behave the way you want, or people do things that upset you, it will trigger these memories. And so now is the time to realize these feelings are brought forth from another life and they wish to be healed.

When your children get on your nerves, think of how you would have been in an orphanage, constantly working, being told what to do, no freedom, and no understanding. Imagine what it would be like to have a father that’s so strict and allows you to do nothing.

And so you, with these other souls, have come together to have a better life, to face some of the similar lessons, but to turn this situation around.

Anon: What can I do and where does this come from?

Council: You can ask before you go to bed at night to have memories of these lives, or to have dreams, or just imagine. Use your imagination. What would that have been like? And as you do this you’ll get more understanding.

Anon: Things feel busy right now and I’m stretched thin. I’m often parenting alone. There are activities, school, work, visitors, and neighborhood dramas, but it feels like an excuse to link my behavior to any of that.

Council: But can you imagine when you’re an older child in this orphanage having to take care of many of the little ones that were there? It’s the same scenario.

Anon: I guess I’m wondering how to be more resilient, more present, and less triggered. I’m very interested in The Council’s thoughts.

Council: It’s so important for you to try and tune into these other lives, as we say with a meditation, or asking for dreams, or even just using your imagination.

When your children annoy you, or something happens and you’re stressed, and you’re tired, and there’s so much to do, if you can stop at that point and remember: I can handle this now. It’s not the same scenario. It’s not as bad as it was in this other life.

And as you realize that, you will become calmer, you’ll find a better way to handle each situation instead of going into those feelings that are brought forth from these other lifetimes. Just remember, this is information to guide you. And with this information you can change how you feel, and that’s what’s important.

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