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Questions About How We Manifest Our Own Realities

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Firefly.

Firefly: I have some questions regarding manifesting our own realities. Are things like cigarettes and alcohol only bad for my health if I believe they are?

Council: Yes.

Firefly: I hear people warned that these things will lower one’s vibration.

Council: If you believe it will lower your vibration, it will. If you believe it will hurt your body, it will. You must be very sure of your thoughts around this because you’ll create it. And sometimes wondering if it’s bad for you, because you have that thought, it will be bad for you. So we’d suggest if you want to do this, you create yourself having a wonderful life, having a healthy life, and feeling great.

Firefly: Is there a good reason to be thinking about whether one’s vibration is lower or higher?

Council: You will know immediately by how you feel. When you’re depressed or when you’re angry, you know your vibration is low. And so you question: Why are you depressed? Why are you angry? Why are you sad? What’s going on? When you’re laughing, when you’re thinking of memories that have made you happy, when you’re planning the future things that will make you happy, your vibration automatically lifts. So you’re very much in control, and you’ll feel it.

Bob: So you’re saying there is a good reason to think about whether your vibration is lower or higher?

Council: We’d say you don’t have to focus on whether your vibration is high or low. Just focus on how you feel in the moment. What’s going on? And then the way you feel, or what thoughts made you feel that way? And you’ll know exactly how to lower or raise your vibration. It’s that simple.

Firefly: Does it really matter if we think about whether our vibration is lower or higher?

Council: What matters is that you have thoughts that make you feel good. And the more you can do that, you’re automatically in a raised vibration. You are automatically living a good life. And so stay in joy. We say this all the time. The answer to everything is: find the joy and you’ll feel the happiness. Find the love and you’ll feel the happiness. You’ll feel that lift in your vibration and that is the answer. Everything you look at, love it. Show compassion and happiness, and think thoughts that bring you joy, even if it’s something from when you were five years old, if it makes you laugh or if it makes you smile.

We can even say when you meditate or just sit in a chair for five minutes, smile. Sit there and smile. Don’t think of a thing, just smile. You’ll find that you feel better.

Firefly: Do people like me ever decide to indulge in alcohol and cigarettes before coming into this life just for the purpose of having fun?

Council: Yes, of course. And then you can perhaps experience having fun and not needing these things. Or having a life with drugs and alcohol and loving every part of it. It’s how you think about it. You are in control.

Firefly: If I feel like I’d like a better income and more money very quickly, what’s the best way to align with these resources?

Council: Play games, walk into stores, look at expensive stuff, see yourself buying it, see yourself winning the lottery, see yourself with a large bank account, look at your checkbook and write numbers in it that give you much more money than you have. Play the game and experience it. You can buy whatever it is. If you want a house, picture the house. What does it look like? Picture every detail of it and that it’s yours. And the more you practice having the things you want that are expensive, the universe will bring that to you. Actually it’s you that’s putting out into the universe, “This is what I want.” And when you realize this is what you want, and you have fun with it, it must come to you.

Firefly: I’m in a loving relationship with a man who’s a good friend. By imagining how I’d like the relationship to expand and go in beautiful directions, am I creating this relationship?

Council: Of course. You create with your thoughts

Firefly: Is he creating a completely different reality or relationship, or are we creating one together?

Council: What he’s creating can be different, but if you do come together, then that part of you that’s creating it, you’ll both create it and come together. And there are so many different parts of you that part can go off and create something very different, but you won’t experience it because the part of you that’s in your current reality wanting this, because you want it, and you focus, and you create it, you will have it.

Firefly: Does this creation stretch over many of our lifetimes?

Council: Anything you can create, you can create in any lifetime, over and over again if that’s what you wish.

Bob: Do you see Firefly and the man she’s in a relationship with have shared previous lifetimes?

Council: Most of the lifetimes were as siblings, and so that has no bearing on what’s created in your current lifetime. Focus on what you want now.

Firefly: I sometimes want another child with this man who I love. I have three children from a previous relationship. Is it outlandish to want to manifest a baby that’s ours, but have the pregnancy be delightful and non-damaging to my body at age 43?

Council: Why is that outlandish? Just that thought will keep you from creating it. You can create anything you want. If this is what you want at this time of your life, of course you can create it, but the doubts will get in the way. And so it doesn’t matter. There are women that are older that have created pregnancies. Think of what you want and why you want it. Does it bring you happiness? Then go off and create it. See it and feel it like it’s already yours.

Firefly: By doing my best to visualize getting pregnant, can we really create an outcome that defies what we believe we’ve learned from scientific observation?

Council: You can create a future that has nothing to do with scientific information. You can create something that’s way off the charts. There’s no limit. If 100 people say you can not create this because of reasons A, B, C, etc., it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you believe. And so take the limits off and create whatever it is.

Firefly: My child is worrying me and I want this child to be safe and well. How can I help them best?

Council: See it. Connect with the spirit that has agreed to come into your life. If it’s something you both want, if you agreed upon it in spirit and the spirit said, Well, let’s look at your life at the time I want to come in. Is it something I want to experience? Is it something I want to share with you? Everything is possible. Connect to the spirit, offer it a home, offer it safety, offer it help, offer it happiness, and most of all offer it love.

Firefly: How much power do I have to create change for others?

Council: You can not create change for others. Everyone is their own creator. You can help them. You can create what you know they want and see it for them to give them more support, more energy, and strength to stay with the thought of what they want, but you can not create it.

Firefly: Is it possible, in imagining all that one wishes to manifest, to be asking too much or employing greed?

Council: There’s no greed. There’s no limitation on what you can ask for. Everybody can have everything they want. There’s no limit to anything. And so if you want 100 different things, you are not taking them away from another person. There’s enough for everyone. Use your power of manifestation.

And so we send you blessings, and joy, and love, and the ability to have wonderful memories, to laugh, and to hope, and to stretch out your hand and help each other, and enjoy this life that you’ve created. Remember, no one creates for you. It’s all up to you. The people around you that you’ve chosen to be in your life have agreed to come and help you. They’ve agreed to learn from you. There are things that they need from this.

And so you’re all there, everything is planned with love, and when you go back into spirit you’ll go, “Wow, what a trip.” So enjoy and have fun.

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  1. Hi, Kristi. We agree with you. Firefly asked some great questions and The Council provided great answers. We found this post very helpful also. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 3, 2023

  2. Great questions and information! This post was very helpful. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Kristi | January 1, 2023

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