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March 16, 2011 Daily Thought

Some of you are afraid
To acknowledge your desires.

If you ignore your desires,
How will they be fulfilled?

—The Council

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  1. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for your comment. We agree with what you said about being in a position to receive love in order to experience love.

    Based on what we’re learning from The Council, our soul doesn’t cry out for love. Our soul is love, and continually offers this love to the part of us that’s experiencing life in a physical body, the part of us that is most likely to cry out for love.

    When you feel scared by the idea you may be lonely at times as you strike out on your own in search of a life that feels more authentic, it might help to remind yourself that authenticity is very loving and the more authentic you become, the more the law of attraction will bring others into your life who have an authentic and loving vibration. The Council teaches us that fear is something we choose to experience in order to fine tune our desire for what we prefer instead, and the sooner we turn our attention to what we prefer, the sooner the fear serves its purpose and we don’t have to continue experiencing it.

    The Council also teaches us that our authentic self is spirit, which isn’t limited by our physical body and a physical life span. When you consider this possibility, and as you experience more and more of the authenticity you’re looking for, it seems likely you will also begin to experience your life as more limitless rather than limited.

    Your acknowledging and naming your desire for love is an nice example for all of us. Thank you for that. I suspect you’re correct when you say that this acknowledgment doesn’t guarantee you will manifest the love you desire into your physical experience. We are taught that our words are powerful, but it isn’t your words that the law of attraction is responding to; it’s your vibration. Saying what you desire and then focusing on a belief this doesn’t guarantee you’ll have what you desire, feels to us like a vibration of not being in a position to receive the love you desire.

    The Council teaches there’s nothing wrong with having doubts, as long as you’re willing to consider the possibility that the love you desire is continually being offered to you by your authentic spiritual self and every time you put yourself in a position to receive it, you will. Your attention to the love of your authentic self allows the law of attraction to bring more of that to you. If you focus your attention on your lack of the love you desire, the law of attraction will bring you more of the lack of what you desire. But this doesn’t need to be a problem, because experiencing more lack helps you focus more on the love you prefer. And focusing on the love is what attracts it to you.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 19, 2011

  2. I have left my husband because I was not living an authentic life and recently I have been feeling how limited our life span is. I am scared on some levels because striking out on my own I know will be lonely but I feel that if there is any chance that I may find the love my soul cries out for I need to be in a position to receive it. I have now acknowledged my desire, I have named it, I just know that doesn’t gaurantee I’ll ever have what I desire.


    Comment by Joanne | March 17, 2011

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