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Follow-up Question About Whether Tooth Health Problem Is From This Lifetime Or Another

This post answers a follow-up question for an anonymous reader who asked The Council questions which we answered in our post, How Can I Improve The Health Of My Teeth?

Anon: Thank you, Bob and Cynthia, for answering my questions in your post, and for your help. I’d like to ask for some clarification on the part of that post where you say that my problem comes from another time. Are you talking about another time in my current life, or from another lifetime?

Council: It is both, but we’d say because it’s your desire to focus your attention in your current lifetime, we ask you to stay with your concerns about your current lifetime. When you clear up this problem with your teeth that you’ve brought from another time, when you clear it up here, you also clear up what comes from the past. Energy is energy. It was your desire to work on this problem and we’d say, concentrate on the present, knowing that all will be released and all will heal when you do this work.

Anon: If it’s from another lifetime, is there anything I need to do?

Council: You need to work on this now, in the present. Concentrate on healing. You can have the thought that, “As I heal this, I release the past and everything is healed.”

Anon: Do I need to clear that energy or do something to help my current life?

Council: Work on your chakras.

Bob: So you’re recommending the chakra breathing to release what’s coming up from another time in their current lifetime as well as in a past lifetime?

Council: Yes. It will heal on all levels.

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