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Are All Human Beings Descendants of the Annunaki?

This post answers some very interesting questions for The Council from a reader named, Kristi, who asks if a group of beings reported to live in ancient Sumeria called the Annunaki are real?

The Council begins by saying there are many stories about the Annunaki and these stories are real if you allow these stories into the reality you’re creating. This is a reference to The Council’s previous guidance in other posts that each person creates their own reality according to what each person believes. This can be a difficult concept for many of us to understand and accept, but if you’re interested in reading additional posts of ours on this subject, you can find them here, or by clicking on the last link in the Categories column titled, You Create Your Reality, at the bottom right-hand column of most of our pages.

The Council sees the stories that the Annunaki, who were a scientific and intelligent people, came to Earth from the planet, Nibiru. One of the stories is that they came to Earth looking for gold.

After being on Earth for many years they decided to reproduce with humans by artificial insemination so their offspring could do menial work for the Annunaki. These offspring had the combined DNA of the Annunaki and humans and they considered the Annunaki to be gods. These humans allowed the Annunaki to make rules for them and take over the way these humans lived. These human believed the Annunaki would show them how to live a better life. After thousands of years, some of the Annunaki left Earth, but many of them are still here and teach the rest of us.

The Council says what you choose to believe exists for you. If the idea of the Annunaki is something you wish to explore, then they are real for you. For people who don’t believe in the Annunaki or have never heard of them, The Council says the Annunaki don’t exist for these people. When The Council asks Bob if he understands this, Bob says it’s not easy to understand.

The Council says perhaps you’ve experienced the Annunaki in a past life and so they’re real for you. The Council feels Kristi was a worker in ancient Sumeria and had connections with the Annunaki, and she should have a familiar feeling about them. Kristi has brought the subject of the Annunaki into her current lifetime to explore it and maybe to teach others about this.

Kristi specifically asks if the Annunaki created humans as their worker force and The Council says yes.

Next Kristi asks if Enlil or Enki is considered to be the god of the Old Testament? These are apparently names two of the Annunaki. The Council says Enki is the god in the Old Testament and is linked to the story of Noah’s ark. It’s believed that when there was to be this destruction on Earth, like in the Bible, Enki is the one who saved the animals and some humans.

The Council says the Annunaki are here on Earth right now, in our medical fields, in scientific fields, in government. All humans in this current reality are descended from the Annunaki.

It seems to us that we’ve just scratched the surface on the subject of the Annunaki, which we were unfamiliar with prior to Kristi’s asking about them. We’re very grateful for her questions and we feel this subject deserves further looking into.

Listen to the audio recording of our entire session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kristi and the rest of us on this important subject, and let us know what you feel about it.

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