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Our First Audio Post – A Complete Recorded Council Session on Manifesting What You Desire

A Milestone Post

This post is a milestone for us. It’s our first post to include recorded audio content of one of our sessions with The Council, a group of non-physical spirit guides Cynthia is able to communicate with and channel (the process of letting The Council speak using her voice). For our first audio post we picked one of our favorite sessions with The Council, and we decided to include the complete session so you can get a feel for what these sessions are like.

A Question from a Reader

The session we chose was held on August 14, 2010 to answer an interesting question about how to create a desired relationship in a situation with an obstacle present. The question was posted in a comment on this blog on August 8 by Diana, and on August 23 we published a post (text-only) titled ‘What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire?’ to let Diana and other readers know what The Council had to say during our session.

Top 5 Reasons We Picked This Session

  1. It’s about one of our favorite law of attraction subjects – how to deliberately attract what we desire into our lives.
  2. The information offered by The Council felt like it considerably added to our understanding of this subject.
  3. It also reinforced our previous understanding of what we felt were many important aspects of the law of attraction and how it works.
  4. Based on feedback from Diana on our earlier post on her question, she genuinely seemed helped by the information in this session.
  5. Probably the most important reason this session is one of our favorites is that it introduced us to The Council’s point of view on the subject of multiple realities as it relates to LOA and deliberately creating our life experience.

Listening to the Session

Since the primary intention of this post is to let you experience what a full session with The Council is like, we’ve including minimal editorial commentary. We decided to break the session into 16 consecutive audio tracks rather than present a single 55-minute recording. We did our best to divide the session into logical sections for easy reference.

Each track has a numbered heading (see below) that summarizes the main subject of that track. Below each track heading is a graphic audio player for that track. Beneath the audio player is some text that describes what we feel are the track’s highlights.

Click on the Play arrow to begin listening to the track. The track title appears in the player. The time remaining on the track is displayed toward the right of the audio player. To pause the player, click the Pause button on far right. To restart the player where the track was paused, click the Play arrow.

To control volume, click on the volume control on the player’s far left. The player includes a meter that displays the progress of the track as it plays. (Note: When a player is playing, the text “Track 1” is displayed in the progress meter. This appears to be default behavior we haven’t figured out how to edit. It currently does not reflect the track numbers indicated by the track headings.)

Note: This recording was made in our home using relatively inexpensive recording equipment. The sound quality is not professional. We hope you feel the quality of the content makes up for this. The recording has occasional background noises, including the telephone ringing at one point, cats meowing, etc. Several unusual exclamations (grunts) from Cynthia were caused by our cat, Simon, unexpectedly jumping on Cynthia’s lap while Cynthia’s eyes were closed.

Session Commentary

As we explained above, this post is initially being published with little editorial commentary. Our earlier post on this session, ‘What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire?’, does contain our thoughts about this session in the weeks after it took place. We welcome reader comments on this foray into audio content, and we welcome any questions this session might inspire in you. Depending on reader feedback, it may make sense to add individual track commentaries as time permits. Copyright ℗ 2014 Bob & Cynthia Dukes

Track #1) Diana’s Relationship Question

Diana’s question is inspired by the law of attraction principle that you can create whatever you desire.  ♦  She asks how it’s possible for two people to create what they desire, when their desires appear to be the opposite of each other?

Track #2) The Council’s Initial Response: Look Inside Yourself

Someone (or something) other than yourself won’t satisfy a longing for love or happiness.  ♦  Love and happiness need to be found within yourself.  ♦  Imagine that you have what you desire.

Track #3) More on Looking Inside Yourself

As we get what we desire, new desires are born and we experience expansion.  ♦  Be in the moment and appreciate what you have.  ♦  —Clarifying the concepts of inside and outside.

Track #4) Suggestions for Getting What You Desire

Align with who you are as spirit and feel the feeling of this.  ♦  Connect with the belief and feel the feeling you are the creator of your life experience.  ♦  Ask and it is given (created).  ♦  Your vibration goes out and attracts what you focus your attention on.

Track #5) When the Other Person Wants to Not Be With You

Knowing you are spirit and the creator of your experience, begins the creation of what you desire.  ♦  Desires that don’t come fast enough.  ♦  Doubting your beliefs.  ♦  The importance of focusing on what you desire.  ♦  Staying with the feeling of your desire.  ♦  The universe and love allow everything.  ♦  The universe doesn’t respond to the vibration of ‘no’ and ‘not’.  ♦  A focus on not wanting someone or something attracts what is not wanted.

Track #6) When the Other Person is Thinking of Someone Else, Not You

Another perspective on the opposite of Diana’s desire.  ♦  What happens if Diana wants to be with someone, and that person is focusing little or no attention on Diana?  ♦  Spirit knows what you desire to experience.  ♦  A desire to experience disappointment.  ♦  A new desire for relationship.  ♦  The lifting of limitations.

Track #7) Multiple Realities

Going deeper into what isn’t understood yet.  ♦  There are many realities that exist simultaneously.  ♦  Align with the vibration of a desire and it is experienced in one of many realities.  ♦  You are always given what you ask for.

Track #8) All is One, All is Love, That is Who You Are

Who we really are is love and the unity of All That Is.  ♦  Co-creation  ♦  All in physical and non-physical create together.

Track #9) The Council’s Broader Perspective of Diana’s Situation

Desires come from a belief you’ll feel better when you have what you desire.  ♦  A misunderstanding The Council believes will be resolved.  ♦  A focus on the vibration of love can dissipate misunderstandings and negative feelings.  ♦  Love creates everything.  ♦  Feeling love and focusing on what you desire can inspire others to change their feelings about your desire.

Track #10) Inside and Outside Revisited

Reach for the feeling of love that is always within you.  ♦  Love creates everything.  ♦  An outside focus is one that depends on someone or something other than yourself as a source of love.  ♦  Creation takes place when you focus on the love within you.

Track #11) Focus on Love to Create All You Desire

Begin to understand you are spirit and that is where you come from.  ♦  A small part of who you are as spirit is in your human body.  ♦  The power and the energy of creation came with you into your physical experience.  ♦  Remember who you are.—

Track #12)  Doubt

Doubt interferes with creating what you desire.

Track #13) Is There a Difference Between Attracting and Creating?

The energy of love immediately creates what you desire in a non-physical, vibrational reality.—  ♦  Attraction is a delivery service that brings your vibrational creations into your physical experience.

Track #14) A Warehouse of Desires

Imagine a warehouse full of what you’ve desired waiting for you to allow it, using your thoughts and feelings, into your physical experience.  ♦  Creation is one part of the manifestation process; attraction into physical experience is another part.  ♦  An example of creating.  ♦  Feel what you desire with each of your senses.

Track #15) How Non-Physical Creations Become Physical

Find the feeling of what you desire by making it as real as possible.  ♦  Real in another reality brings it closer to your physical reality.  ♦  It happens on an energetic level.  ♦  Your thoughts and feelings move the energy to create what you desire — Abraham’s Vortex.  ♦  What about taking action?  ♦  You are your own fairy godmother.  ♦  You create the magic in your life.  ♦  Feelings are your continuous guidance.

Track #16) Multiple Realities Revisited

You can’t go against another person’s free will, but you will create what you desire in one of your many realities.  ♦  There is much more going on than we are aware.  ♦  When you ask for what you want, it is given.  ♦  There is much potential.

Let Us Know What You Think

As always, we hope you’ve benefited from the information in this post and we’d love to know what you think of this material. Look for a Comment box or a Comment link below this post and feel free to let us know if you have questions about ideas mentioned in this post, ideas in other posts, or topics we haven’t written about yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cynthia and Bob

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