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Everyone In Your Life Was Invited By You

Everyone that comes into your life
was invited by you;

from the ones you love,
to the ones you think you hate.

They are all invited by you,
for it is all part of your creation.

No one enters without your permission.

No one.

—The Council

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  1. Hi Maria,
    You seem to believe that when your best friend leaves his physical body for the last time, this means he is exiting your life. We realize you may feel this way much of the time, but are you overlooking that your friend is an eternal spiritual being, and that your belief the two of you can be separated by the ‘death’ of his body may be responsible for the difficult emotions you describe?

    We realize it can be difficult to understand why you might have agreed as a spiritual being to experience the kind of separation from your friend you are currently experiencing. If you haven’t read our post, Before We are Born, Do We Plan Challenging Human Relationships To Advance Our Spiritual Expansion?, you might find The Council’s advice helpful.

    Our understanding of The Council’s teachings is that ‘the gods’ (what we refer to as spirit) continuously hear you and see you, and it doesn’t matter to them that you’ve scolded them and shouted and yelled at them in anger and frustration, but it does matter to spirit that you ask for their help and you’ve thanked them.

    We’ll do our best to get answers from The Council to your question about whether gods, angels, or saints have heard you and answered your prayers, and other questions you’ve asked.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 17, 2013

  2. Do they also exit with my permission? At a time and in a manner I permitted? I am asking because my best friend who has been my mentor, teacher and protector in many ways is currently on his deathbed, and I find it very difficult to understand why I would have agreed to lose him now and in the way it is being carried out.
    As I believe in reincarnation I know I will see him again both in the “afterlife” (for lack of a better word) and also in another incarnation here on earth, but I still find it hard to distance myself emotionally from the pain I feel from the thought of losing him now.
    I do not believe in sins, hell or the devil, and though I used to be a religious person (hindu) over the past year or so I’ve pretty much lost all of my faith and found myself wonder if the gods hear me or see me. Does it matter to them that I’ve scolded them, shouted and yelled at them in anger and frustration, asked for help, thanked them? Has any of it been heard, and if so by whom? By gods or angels or saints? Have they really heard and answered my prayers or was it just luck when things turned out as I hoped? Have they seen my pain, anger, frustration, happiness and joy?
    Sorry for asking so much but I’ve been struggling with this for a while, and I am not asking only because I may lose my closest, best friend. As I said, I am sure I will see him again, but it is still an emotionally very painful experience for me.
    I thank Cynthia and Bob for this blog, and the honourable council in case they chose to answer my queries. Thank you…


    Comment by Maria | March 16, 2013

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