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Spirit Knows Exactly What You Want

It is the spirit’s job
to create the perfect life
you want to live
and to provide you with
all the challenges and joy
you want to experience.

Spirit knows exactly what you want.

—The Council

April 28, 2013 - Posted by | Challenges, Spirit, Thought for the Day, You Create Your Reality | , , ,


  1. Great question. In our very first blog post, Meditation for Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration, The Council recommended a meditation you may find helpful for connecting to who you are as a spiritual being. We know what you mean by not knowing what you really want. This seems relatively common. Often it has something to do with a belief we’re not entitled to have things we want, so we tend to avoid wanting things in order to avoid disappointment.

    If you’re having difficulty setting the intent of your desires in simple words, you may want to try to imagine your desires non-linguistically. For example, you might feel more successful imagining the feeling of what you desire and then being open to receiving images, sounds, ideas, words, etc. that feel like a match to the feeling of what you desire. We find feelings are more powerful attractors of what we desire than words, but words can be very helpful.

    When we can, we’ll ask The Council your question and let you know their answer. Thanks for your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 2, 2013

  2. How do we get connected with the Spirit/Higher Self and get this information? I am pretty good with manifestation – but I have trouble setting the intent. in simple words – I usually do not know what I really want…It’s much easier for me to manifest for other people then for myself…


    Comment by Irina | May 31, 2013

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