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Why Was My Baby Stillborn?

This post is inspired by Janette, who had an almost full term stillborn baby girl in February 2014 and she’s been researching the spiritual reasons this might have happened. She and her husband had just gotten married and they were very excited about having their first child.

Janette asks if her and her daughter’s higher selves knew ahead of time what was going to happen the day her daughter’s heart stopped and could she have done anything to prevent it. The idea this was an accident is difficult for Janette to bare and she wants to know if her daughter chose to be stillborn.

The Council says the higher selves of Janette, her daughter, and her husband knew the baby wasn’t coming into this reality no matter what they tried to do. The child only wanted to experience what took place in the womb and wasn’t ready to experience a full lifetime. The Council says Janette and her husband spiritually agreed to allow their daughter to have this experience and at the same time Janette desired an opportunity to work through an experience of disappointment. It was 3 souls loving each other and helping each other experience a situation they all desired.

Janette says she was nervous as a first time mother and hoped her daughter didn’t experience negativity from that, but The Council says it’s fine if the child experiences what Janette was feeling because it chose to experience those emotions. Knowing what this soul wanted to do, Janette and her husband agreed to give this soul a temporary home to experience what it wanted to learn, and then pick the time and the way it wanted to leave.

The Council suggests Janette find the love she gave her daughter and understand that other spirits might not have been able to do this. She allowed this spirit to experience whatever it wanted while it was in her body, and this soul helped her experience whatever she needed to experience going through this.

Having this spirit leave put her on a new path of having to ask why this happened. If Janette can find a way to appreciate what they did for each other and feel the great love they have for each other without any guilt, she’ll realize they fulfilled each other’s wishes perfectly. Listen to the entire 18-minute session to receive it’s full benefit.

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  1. Hi Cynthia and Bob,

    This is Janette. I was the one who had written in regarding “Why was my baby stillborn?” I hope it’s not too much to ask, I just am trying so hard to find peace each day in my heart, and have a few more questions now. Since I wrote that letter in to you, we just had our second child who thankfully is here and healthy. From having a c section, the doctor discovered that I have an abnormal uterus. 1 in 4,000 women apparently have this uterus shape that I have (only half of my uterus ever formed), and everything from fertility issues, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, premature birth and fetal demise is associated with it. This was completely a shock to me. Thankfully, our second child is here and healthy and I truly feel like this is a miracle having learned now about what the doctors found with me. Now I am just more confused. Is there still a spiritual reason for our first daughter to have been born stillborn? Or was it the issues with my reproductive abnormalities? Did my soul plan to be born with this body abnormality so that I would face an experience such our daughters stillbirth? Did our daughters soul know she was not going to make it all the way through the pregnancy? Was this always going to be the way it would happen, or did our daughters soul at 33wks decide at that point to exit? Whatever happened, whether it was problems with my body or with hers, do I know on some higher level what the answers are? If she and I did not allow this/agree to it, could it have still happened bc we had no choice and it was just something medical that happened? Could our sons soul be hers? Lastly, I know our guardian angels main job is to protect us and ensure we do not cross before our time…if her guardian angel was with her all through those 33 wks I was pregnant with her, did her guardian angel allow this to happen? Why wouldn’t her guardian angel protect her and keep her safe in me. Thank you so much for your help in asking the council their thoughts. Sincerely, and ever so grateful, Janette


    Comment by Janette Shaw | May 21, 2015

  2. What a beautiful and healing response.

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    Comment by mariner2mother | March 17, 2015

  3. Dear Cynthia and Bob,

    I cannot thank you enough for answering my questions regarding our daughter’s stillbirth. To know that there is no way it could have been an accident is what I needed so badly to hear. The guilt I have lived with over this past year has been unbearable. You have given me a way to look at our experience as a beautiful thing, as our souls love each other so much we decided to all offer each other what the other needed to experience.

    On the audio, I couldn’t get #1 and #4 to play. Is there a way to still get those clips? Everything you said was so important to me that I don’t want to miss even a sentence of it.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, Cynthia and Bob…you gave me peace in my heart today. Janette Shaw

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    Comment by Janette Shaw | March 15, 2015

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