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Should We Be Vegetarians?

In this question from Ali she asks if being a vegetarian raises your vibration. She understands animals agree on a spiritual level to be eaten, but she assumes these animals suffer and asks if we have an obligation to stop this suffering by not eating meat.

The Council says there are healthy vegetarians, sick vegetarians, and people who only eat junk food and are the healthiest people you’ll ever see. The difference is their beliefs. How you live a life that feels more comfortable to you depends on how you think about it. The Council says these animals do not suffer and it’s not necessary to become a vegetarian, but if you truly believe this is a better way to go, then travel that road.

Ali says she’s not currently a vegetarian, but feels a lot of guilt when she prepares meat. The Council asks her to look at why she puts herself in a reality where she feels guilty, and says only she can change it. They say explore whatever feels good to her and know that this is her higher self showing her the path it wishes to experience.

Listen to this 4-minute segment of a session to hear The Council’s full guidance.

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  1. Hi, Susan. We’re glad you like this post.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 16, 2020

  2. Thanks.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 16, 2020

  3. Really enlightening. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Susan | June 14, 2020

  4. Thank you again! I’ve been contemplating why I continue to involve myself in something that doesn’t feel right for me. It mainly comes down to the fact that I am trying to please my spouse by cooking him things that he enjoys, i.e. meat and dairy.
    I also felt unwell after my daughter’s birth and thought maybe I needed to eat steak, and it was just downhill from there. I was vegetarian for 22 years prior. When looking at what I really feel around it all, I can see that I don’t want to be part of causing other beings pain. Some of that is inevitable, but I want to avoid it as much as I can.
    After listening to your reply, I realized that I haven’t been listening to my inner guidance. In a way, me cooking meat for my husband is an effort to control his reaction to me and make him happy, which is an impossible task. I was also reading a lot of sites that promote grassfed meat and dairy as necessary for health. There are many layers to all of this. I do know that at the very least I will not purposefully eat meat now. Thank you for helping me get some clarity.


    Comment by Ali | April 1, 2015

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