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Past Lives with Ex-Boyfriend and His Mother?

This post answers an anonymous reader’s question about whether she knows her ex-boyfriend and his mother from a previous lifetime.

The Council was quick to interject while Bob read this question, that we all know each other. In retrospect this comment raises some interesting questions, but we let them pass and concentrated on the more specific aspects of Anonymous’s question. Perhaps The Council will shed more light on this comment in one or more future sessions.

The Council says that while Anonymous shares many lifetimes with these people, they prefer to look at the ones that relate to the life she’s living now. They say one reason for her familiarity with them is that before this lifetime the three of them worked very well together, while still in spirit, to help little children return to spirit from their physical lives.

The Council says because the three of them enjoyed this spiritual experience so much, they decided to incarnate into this physical life, “to sort of stir things up, and experience more situations where you could all be in the helping role.”

Bob raises the question of Anonymous not currently being with her ex-boyfriend. And The Council replies that whether they were helping each other or those around them, the idea was to bring love into every situation. Just because they’re not together now doesn’t mean they didn’t achieve this goal while they were together. And it doesn’t mean they saw it necessary to stay together for this whole incarnation. The Council adds sometimes people come together for the short-term to experience whatever they have planned, and then they move on.

When Bob asks about past lives these three may have shared that are relevant to their current life, The Council repeats there are many. And they say they believe Anonymous is able to tap into these past lives by asking for this information and meditating on it.

The Council sees the three of them were together as men in the early 1800s working with children in orphanages and children who were abandoned to the streets. They created a community of people that fed these children and tried to find them homes.

The Council asks Anonymous whether her relationship with the ex-boyfriend and his mother helped create a feeling she’d like to continue helping children in this lifetime. They add it would be good for her to meditate on how she can help others, and this will fulfill her spiritual desire to share and bring love into this lifetime.

Listen below to the entire recording of our 8-minute session with The Council to answer Anonymous’s question and feel free to offer your feedback. Please forgive us for some minor technical difficulties we had with the audio during this session.

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  1. Hi, Susan. It’s our understanding also that we often enter agreements with souls before we’re born to have certain types of experiences with them during our lifetime. The general answer, according to our understanding of The Council, is to learn to bring more love into each of these situations. In the case of you and your brother, we imagine you’re looking for more specific information. We’ll ask The Council for the reasons why you and your brother may have chosen go through these experiences and we’ll let you know what they say. Thanks for your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 21, 2015

  2. Bob and Cynthia, thank you for this blog. It has been very helpful and informative for me. I have a relationship question for you. I’ve learned that we enter into agreements before we are born to have experiences with people during our life. My experience with my older brother has been an extremely difficult one, with him being controlling when we were little, and molesting (raping) me for about 2 years, starting when I was 12 (leading to a pregnancy at 14). I’ve done a lot of work to be able to be ok and not carry anger, sadness and resentment towards my brother, but it’s hard. Can you tell me what our soul agreement was that set up this dynamic? What would I agree to that unfolded as it did? It’s been very challenging to heal from this. Thank you. -Susan


    Comment by mariner2mother | December 21, 2015

  3. Thank you for responding to my question. Much love, A. xx


    Comment by christine | December 20, 2015

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