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Relationship Advice (What Have You Learned?)

In this post we answer Tanya’s question about a man and their on-again off-again relationship. Back in March 2013 Tanya asked a previous question about this relationship and to answer it we published the post, Why Would Spirit Choose to Be a Human Being Who Experiences Pain.

In that 2013 session The Council predicted Tanya would get back together with this man, and she starts her current question by confirming The Council was right. They got together at the beginning of 2015 and he proposed marriage to her, but the next day he changed his mind and Tanya’s been feeling depressed about this.

The Council informs Tanya she created coming together with this man because there was something to be learned from this relationship. She asks if they see the two of them reconnecting again, but she also says they’re not currently speaking and it’s okay if they don’t speak again.

The Council restates what’s important for Tanya is to learn what her experience with this man has taught her. They do see another coming together and they say if it’s her desire to make this relationship work, there will always be a way.

The Council encourages Tanya to focus on herself now instead of waiting for this man to come back into her life. They say it’s wonderful to choose to move on, and it’s also wonderful to stay with this man. When she finds out what she’s learned from this relationship, she’ll handle the situation differently and she’ll be happier with her choice.

The Council is pretty clear there is no right or wrong path for Tanya the next time this man comes into her life. It seems the important thing is to take this time to figure out what this relationship means to teach her. And with this information it will be up to her how she handles the next time.

Listen to the entire 8-minute session to hear all of The Council’s guidance for Tanya, and let us know what you think.

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  1. Thank you for this session. Everything resonates with me strongly. Yes, this man has endured many challenges from losing his ex-wife to ovarian cancer, the loss of a sibling at a young age and he fears abandonment. I believe this issue is his own life lesson. For me, I have learned to focus on me, and to not give away so much of my own personal power. This is why I said I have been depressed but feel stronger. My ego self feels sad but spiritually, I am stronger and know that I am learning. Much of the lesson in this relationship for me is to learn to give to myself what I give to others. I thank you Cynthia and Bob and the Council for confirming this for me. I know if I am to ever reunite with this man that I will do so with clarity and the knowledge that I must remain true to myself first. Thank you so much for your help. Many blessings.


    Comment by Tanya | December 28, 2015

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