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Is it Time to Leave My Marriage?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Tanya, who says she’s married with a baby and she’s wondering whether it’s time to leave her marriage. Tanya says her husband lied to her, insulted her, then apologizes and says he’ll change. She’s been going back and forth about leaving him for over a year.

She tells herself she’ll leave, but first she’ll improve her vibration and then things get better for a while. She understands she’s co-creating her reality with her husband and then she comes back to her husband’s insults. She says sometimes I feel like I’m looking for a reason to stay in my marriage. And The Council says they also feel like Tanya’s looking for a reason to stay.

The Council says first change your vibration and how you see your situation. Try to understand what makes your partner say these insulting things. As soon as an insult begins, remind him this is the beginning of him insulting you. Is there another way you can communicate what you want with me without insulting me. Try and get your partner to look at his situation more optimistically. You need to understand this is his problem and comes partly from his insecurity.

Changing your vibration with meditation, thinking good thoughts, sending your partner love whether he’s abusive or not, and understanding he has a problem begins to change your vibration. As your vibration becomes higher and lighter your partner has the choice of changing with you. Or you then have the choice to leave the marriage if his behavior and his vibration doesn’t change. The Council encourages Tanya to work on her vibration and see what she can create. Begin to see your marriage the way you want it to be.

Let go of your husband’s insults that were already said. Don’t keep focusing on them and bringing them into your present reality because when you do you’re feeding that energy and you’ll create more insults.

And when your husband is nice to you and says nice things, compliment him and tell him you like what he just said. It made you feel good. Take the positive route.

Listen to the entire 4-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Tanya and the rest of us, or ask your own question.

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