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A Past Life Son Comes Back as a Current Life Lover

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Eva, who says I met the love of her life four years ago. We were together for two months and then he told me he wasn’t sure he could be in a romantic relationship with me. Eva was devastated. After waiting five months for something to change she decided to marry someone else.

The Council says in a past life in early London, Eva was married to a man she didn’t love and they had a son. When their son was twelve the father moved away for good and took the son with him. The soul of this son who wanted to stay with you in this past life has returned to you in your current life as the man you fell in love with four years ago.

(You may want to pay a little closer attention than is ordinarily necessary in our posts to the relationship details between Eve and her lover, Eva and her husband, past live Eva as a mother, and Eva’s current life lover as her past life son. It may be a little confusing.)

Unconscious memories of the mother-son relationship during the life in London have stayed with this man and led to his developing uncomfortable feelings about being your lover. This man didn’t plan to come into your life as your lover. He wanted to come back to continue the relationship from the life in London as your son, or be someone you’d take care of. This is why he felt unable to remain your lover.

Eva says she wasn’t in love with the man she married, but she felt a deep connection to him and felt they both needed to have a child together. The Council says you pre-planned in spirit to marry your husband and to have children together, but you met this man who was your child during the life in London and that threw things off the track you pre-planned.

One month after Eva married her husband she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whose light and wisdom has made my husband and I better people. During this pregnancy I started talking again to this man I loved four years ago. After two years of phone calls and emails I had a dream of a little boy that called me Mum. The Council says this dream is a memory of her past life in London with her son.

Eva eventually started meeting with her lover which led to her getting pregnant by him after two months. (During this time she saw a picture of him as a child and found the similarity to the boy in her dream striking.) At first I told my husband I was pregnant with my lover’s baby and I intended to have the child. The father of the child told me he didn’t want me to have it because I was still married to my husband. It was the most difficult time in my life.

The Council says we always have the free will to choose the direction our life takes regardless of what we pre-planned in spirit, and in Eva and her lover’s case the pre-planning didn’t work out. The soul who was Eva’s child in London had pre-planned to come back to her in their current life as her child. Instead he came back as her lover.

Eva says she ultimately decided to abort the child because she didn’t want there to be any question of blackmailing the father’s love, her husband was against it, and she wasn’t able to financially support a second child. The Council says the spirit of the child that was aborted agreed to participate in this abortion and it was not the child in Eva’s dream.

Eva says she can’t put into words the feeling of loss she still suffers from aborting this child. The Council says the feeling of this loss is multiplied because of the memory of losing your son in your lifetime in London.

Eva says nevertheless she came back a stronger person. She works as a teacher and now feels unconditional love not only for her daughter, but for all children. Whenever I have the chance to hug my daughter or a child in my classroom I feel the trauma of my abortion lessen. The Council says this is also what she did in the past life in London. After losing your son you helped orphans and in soup kitchens. You’re trying to heal this past life and that’s why you’re so attracted to all children.

The Council advises Eva to reach out to other children. Also she can ask in her meditations and dreams to contact the soul she aborted if this is what she needs to heal. Think about what we’ve shared with you. Eventually as you gain full understanding you’ll be ready to move on from this experience.

The Council closes by saying Eva’s lover still has uncomfortable feelings about being in a romantic relationship with her even though he may have no understanding what these feelings are about. The Council hopes as Eva learns the nature of her past life relationship with her lover she’ll find a way to let go of her romantic attachment to him.

Listen to the entire 10-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Eva and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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