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Suicide and Pre-birth Planning

For those of you who have been asking The Council questions related to suicide, here’s a reblogged post from author, Robert Schwartz, who’s second book, The Soul’s Gift, talks about this subject in more detail. Cynthia and I thought you would find it interesting.


In the Suicide chapter in my second book Your Soul’s Gift, I share the story of Carolyn, whose only child Cameron suicided shortly after he graduated from high school. Carolyn and I had a channeling session in which we spoke with Jeshua (Jesus). Jeshua began by telling us that suicide is never planned prior to birth as a certainty, but it is planned as a possibility or sometimes as a high probability, as was the case with Cameron. In other words, Cameron knew that he was taking on so much in this lifetime that a suicide was likely. He was willing to take that risk, and his loved ones agreed before birth to accept that risk as well.

One of the difficulties Cameron had while he in body was that chronic depression blocked his capacity to feel his love for his family. Jeshua tells us:

“While physically alive he…

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