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Why Can’t Lesson Learning Be Easier?

This post answers questions from an anonymous reader who says that learning lessons is a very good thing, but I don’t understand why we have to learn our lessons with so many challenges like suicide, murder, alcoholism and drug addiction.

The Council says not all lessons are challenges and not everyone chooses to experience the challenges you mention. Some people need to learn to feel joy, to feel free, to feel wonderful, or to connect and realize who you are. All these experiences aren’t challenging. Every lifetime you pick a different situation, different things you want to experience, and different reasons you want to experience it. Some are challenging and some are wonderful.

Anonymous says they wish The Council would make it easier for people to learn lessons. The Council replies they take no blame and no credit for the lessons you choose. We are not in charge of everyone. We can’t make anything harder or easier for you. Why is it our choice to pick your lessons for you? You are in control.

The Council says when you are in spirit and you are choosing these challenging lessons they don’t seem difficult. It’s something you’re looking forward to in order to see how you’ll grow from these lessons, how you’ll bring love into these situations, and knowing when you finish your life and come back into spirit you’re fine. What have you learned from this experience? How did you handle it? This is how you learn about you.

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