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How Can I Stop this Ringing in My Ears?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Christine, who has a loud tinnitus (ringing in her ears) for over three months and it’s driving her crazy. The noise never stops. I’ve been to a doctor and an audiologist and they can find nothing wrong. I’ve had many Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and Craniosacral Therapy sessions to little avail. What’s causing this noise and how can I heal it? I long to hear silence again.

The Council says you should continue getting Chiropractic adjustments. Your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) in your jaw also needs to be worked on, which is causing this problem. Learn to massage your TMJ inside and outside your mouth to get relief. Also listening to soft music as often as possible and focusing your attention on this will help.

This tinnitus is coming from a past life during World War II when you transitioned out of that life during a bombing. You heard the whining sound a bomb makes when it’s dropped. That’s the last thing you remember. You brought this memory forward into this life and your screaming as you transitioned affected your TMJ. You’ve brought this into your current life to heal your tinnitus and to find out about your past life.

The Council suggests reading about past lives, researching about World War II, and as more information comes through you’ll notice the tinnitus will slowly begin to disappear. It’s also good to use the Edgar Cayce castor oil pack around your entire neck and have it reach up to behind your ears. This will help your cells readjust and begin to heal.

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