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How Can We Send Part of Our Spiritual Self into a Life We’ve Already Created and Create a New Person in That Life?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tildy, who read our post, How Can We Create a New Lifetime in the Past? and is looking for clarification about what The Council means when they say, you can send another part of your spiritual self into a life you’ve already created and create another person.

The Council asks Tildy to imagine you’re a big ball of light. This is you in spirit, and with all the rays that come out of this ball you create individual lifetimes. You send a ray out to be in this particular life. You send another ray out to be in a lifetime in the 1800s. You send a ray out to be in a lifetime in Roman times. And you send another ray out to be in a lifetime in China. It’s small parts of you that want to create another lifetime, but who you are is still that big ball of light.

You’re mainly this big ball of light and you allow little parts of who you are to come into a reality and create. This is what we all do. This is what we want. Let’s create. Let’s see what we can do. Let’s have some fun. This is how you’re in many different lifetimes at the same time, but you’re still that ball of light and you only send the little parts of you out to play with.

Bob asks The Council why we can’t see all the lives we’re creating at the same time. The Council says it would be too much for your mind to see and remember all these lifetimes and to keep track of what’s going on in each lifetime. You can read about past life regression. You can have a past life regression and maybe find out about one or two lives, but our purpose here isn’t to be aware of all of them. Our purpose is to function and focus on our present life. But the whole part of you, your higher self, that ball of light, knows everything that’s going on in each lifetime.

Bob says it confusing how we can create a lifetime that we experience as current and simultaneously we can create a lifetime that’s taking place in ancient Rome, for example. The Council says this is another part of you that you send out to create another lifetime.

You can create a lifetime where you’re married to someone and you have children and friends, and then the higher part of you can decide that you can create that lifetime differently. In your new life you’re not married to the same person. Instead you’re married to the spirit that’s one of your children in you your current life and you’d like to experience that. How would that be?

You are the creator of all your lives. When you do this, little parts of the other person also agree to it. They agree to be your husband, or your wife, or your child. All spirits are these wonderful balls of light that send out little parts of themselves to be in whatever you want to create.

Bob asks where in physical space do these other lifetimes exist? The Council says it’s not in physical space. It’s vibrationally out there and the part of you that experiences an individual lifetime experiences it as if you are physical, but it’s your energy, your light that you’ve sent out. It’s not like this life is in America and another life is in Africa. You create what you want it to be, but it’s out there vibrationally.

Tildy asks if this means we now relive this past life with an additional person involved? The Council answers, yes. Tildy goes on to ask if this is the case, what are the ways this new person is created? The Council says this new person is created the way you create them. This is your reality. Someone in your reality isn’t creating for you. They’re not creating how you live this life. You create it. The other spirit will agree to whatever you create. You are the creator.

Tildy says it sounds like a lot of new agreements have to be made with existing people who would be that person’s family and acquaintances. The Council says it wouldn’t be existing people. It would be another part of that person. The original life doesn’t go anywhere. You’re still experiencing that life with the spirits who’ve agreed to go through that life with you. When you create another life it doesn’t take away from the first life. It’s a whole new life with new people, or maybe even the same people. It’s whatever is agreed upon by all spirits involved. All these lives are going on at the same time.

Tildy asks if you have to find a way to insert new people to be that person’s parents? The Council says this is something that needs to be agreed upon. What you want and what other spirits come in and agree to. So if you want a certain person to have different parents, you’ll create that and other spirits will agree to play that role.

Tildy says this can get really complicated. The Council says it sounds that way in your current understanding of how your reality works, but it’s very easy to create.

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