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Can Your Desire For Something Create It In Your Life?

This post answers follow-up questions for The Council from an anonymous reader in response to our post, Can I Create The Outcome Of My Corrected PhD Thesis? They ask: If you’re searching for a piece of historical evidence from a primary source, like a diary from someone in the past, will your desire to find that evidence, create it?

Council: Yes, you can create it. When you have a strong desire and a belief that you can create the evidence you desire, it will somehow pop up and you’ll be led to where it is.

Bob: In the original post about Anna creating an outcome for her theses you say, In the PhD evaluator’s world they’ll create a situation where perhaps they don’t pass you, but their world is completely different from your world. Can you elaborate on this idea that Anna and her evaluators have different worlds?

Council: It always helps if you get to a place where you believe and you really know that you’re more than just your physical body. You are this great creator. You are spirit and there’s nothing you can’t create. You can’t create in anyone else’s life, and no one can create in your life. With this question, can you change the person that’s evaluating you for your PhD? Let’s focus on you being this gigantic light. You’re all energy. You’re so big there’s no way to measure how enormous you are and the potential you have in spirit.

You can have many lives going on at one time. You are this gigantic life and you decide to take a piece of your light and shoot it out from within you and create a life where you’re going to study and create this PhD. This will help me in my career, and it will help me create along the way, and so you send that out.

And there are things you want to learn. So other spirits will agree to come into that life and work with you in whatever way you need. In your life you’ll create the evaluator passing you. And you might say, I’d also like to see how I’d handle it if they don’t pass me. So you’ll create another life where you’ll go through the studying, the work, and writing your papers, and you’re not passed.

You can also say, It would also be very interesting to see what I would do if I was the evaluator. And so you’ll create another life where some spirit is playing the role where they wrote a paper and they’re waiting for you to pass them or not pass them. You can have three, four, five different lives going on because you want to experience being evaluated from different points of view. The spirits that come in to work with you, some will say, I’ll go along with you in this life and I’ll help you pass. I’ll go along with you in this other life and I’ll not make you pass. Another spirit will say: I will go along in this life and I’ll be the student and you’ll be the evaluator.

But you can’t be conscious of all these lives at once. We always say you’d blow your brains out because you can’t hold all the experiences, all the emotions, all the information from all these lives. You’ll create as many lives as you want to experience this in many different ways, if that’s what you want. But each spirit that says, I will come in and work this out with you, I”ll agree to go along with what you want to experience. You’re not changing their mind. You’re not forcing them to live that life a different way. It’s all agreed upon.

What you have to remember is you are the only one to control your life. You are the creator. No evaluator, no partner, no one controls or creates in your life. You work it out ahead of time in spirit. You have the idea you want to do it this way and another spirit goes along with you. A different spirit can say they don’t want to go along with what you want. And then you say, I also want to experience it this way. And a spirit might say, Okay, I’ll go in and help you experience it that way because I want to learn from that.

So we’re always helping each other out, but all spirits will create their lives the way they want. If there’s a spirit that doesn’t want to be along for the ride in your life, that spirit won’t appear in your life. The most important thing isn’t how is this done? How am I making this happen? Oh my god, am I forcing somebody to do this? No. You are the creator. You only create in your own life.

And you can create as many lives as you want on one subject, or have many different lives, what we call past lives. They’re all going on and you’re having a wonderful time everywhere. It’s a lot to think about, and you’ll never experience it all at once.

Anonymous: Does that mean you’re creating in the past of the person with the diary where you’re looking for evidence? Bob: It sounds like you’re saying you’re not creating in their past. Council: That’s exactly right.

Anonymous: The Council said in the post that prompted my questions that the examiner’s reality might be different from hers, which really sparked my curiosity.

Council: In your life the examiner will create passing you, if that’s what you want. In another life the examiner will fail you, if that’s what you want. But they will also have to experience it the way they want, being your examiner, or being another teacher that’s just there watching it. They’ll experience it in their world the way they want.

Anonymous: Would your belief in finding proof actually change someone else’s life? Council: No.

Anonymous: Or would their reality just be a different reality?

Council: They’ll have their own reality. You never ever change the way someone else wants their world to be. You’ll jump in and be part of it, if that’s what they want, but you’ll never change it. It will go the way they want it to go.

Have fun with this. Imagine it many different ways, and imagine how wonderful it would be to experience this one situation in as many ways as you can come up with. Know that you’ll learn from each one and you’ll enjoy each one. Others will get you angry, but it’s all, How are you handling it? Are you bringing love into that situation? Are you loving the people around you? Are you loving yourself? Are you getting closer to knowing and believing you are the creator?

We send you all love, and light, and happiness, and beautiful experiences, and to go forward on your path, whatever you choose. And always remember to bring love into every situation.

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