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Are Some Events Pre-Planned In Spirit More Likely To Happen Than Others?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Mari.

Mari: I’ve read in some books on the afterlife and reincarnation that certain important events in life are pre-planned, with a high probability of happening. For example, marrying a particular person, going to a particular school, having a child, or having certain disabilities. And no matter which way you go, that event will most likely occur. Other events are supposedly pre-planned only as possibilities.

Council: Your higher self always knows what you pre-plan and what you want to experience. There are many times when you’re setting up a new life that you pick souls you worked with and learned with before. You’d choose one as a husband, a wife, a brother, or a mother. There are times you want them in your life for a while, and you’ll set that up, learn what’s needed, and then move on.

There are times when you may make an agreement with a soul where you say, Let’s see how our life goes. Let’s see what I create and what you create, and is it a meeting where we’ll become friends and experience more, or is it just a quick meeting and you move on? By doing it this way you don’t know what you’re going to create, and so you have the ability to go into this relationship with this spirit, or turn and go on another path. There are some relationships where it’s very positive, we know each other before, and let’s do it again. What is it that you want to learn? What is it that I want to learn? We’ll support each other in this. And there are other relationships where you just see how it goes.

The freedom is always yours. Even if you decide to recreate something you set up, your higher self knows if you’re learning what you want to learn, if you’re having a good time, and if you’re achieving what you wanted to achieve. You’ll always be able to pick the direction you go in, even if you don’t consciously know that the choice was yours to do this or to do that and to have this experience.

Bob: So it sounds like you’re agreeing with Mari when she says you can pre-plan an event that has a high probability of happening.

Council: Yes

Bob: And you’re saying even though it does have a high probability of happening, you have the free will to change that.

Council: You always have free will. Every day of your life you can connect with the other spirit, with their higher self and your higher self, and you’ll know this is the way we want it to go. Or let’s not go this way. Let’s change this and change that. You’re always in connection with these other spirits.

Bob: And it sounds like you’re also saying that you can pre-plan possibilities that aren’t necessarily likely or unlikely to happen, and you determine at the time you’re living what you pre-planned in that life whether you want to follow that path or not.

Council: Exactly. The choice is always yours.

Mari: You’ve indicated in many places that you have to believe in something for it to occur.

Bob: Can you comment on that?

Council: You can’t believe in something you don’t remember that you’re creating in spirit. You don’t have to believe it because your higher self and the other person’s higher self will work to make this happen. But if it’s something you want in your life, like a  new job or a new partner, it always helps to believe you want it and it’s coming to you. There are many things you won’t remember that you have planned, but your higher self will take you there. When it’s something you consciously want, it always works much better if you believe you can have it.

Bob: You’re also saying that even if you don’t consciously believe in something, it can still occur.

Council: Yes, it can. Believe in the power of your higher self because it’s you. You’re the only one who’s creating in your reality.

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  1. You know what, actually, dont ask those questions at all. I regret asking them! I feel that by asking them i just give attention to negative topics, and that theres no need to do that

    And its like i said, thecouncil already said «Put more love into reality, and there will be less suffering»

    And i am happy with that, i think thats all i need to know, a good enough answer for me


    And bye! Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Coke Cola | May 4, 2022 | Reply

  2. Hi, i dont think its up to me to understand everything in life, i dont think its up to me to complain about anything or say that i know anything better than anyone. I also prefer happier subjects. I also love life in many ways, just not some of the bad things in it. I dont really wish to argue against reality and say that i dont like it and that it should be different….

    But anyway, i still struggle a little bit to understand human suffering.

    If there is just growth in spiritual form for all eternity, then why do good people have to go through all of those horrible things?
    I dont understand war, and those things, as part of reality, and that those bad things can happen to people who haven’t
    done anything wrong.

    But its important to add, i dont think its up to me to understand everything really, so in some ways i shouldnt even be asking any questions. I should shut up and focus on other things.

    If i can add one more thing:

    Why is free will by idiots respected so much that evil can flourish, and good people be subjected to it, without something protecting them from it?

    I think its difficult to understand.

    i dont wish to be sounding too confronting about those questions, i think i came across the council saying something nice “put more love into reality, there will be less suffering”.

    And to some degree, maybe that is a good enough simple answer. I think that sounded nice atleast.

    Now i said everything!

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Coke Cola | May 4, 2022 | Reply

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