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Questions About Twin Flames And Soul Families?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Mariner2Mother. These questions were stimulated by our post: Do We Have To Unite With Our Twin Flame To Spiritually Ascend, Or With Our Multidimensional Self?

M2M: I’ve got a question, since you so clearly defined what a soulmate and a twin flame are in a previous post. During a healing session, spirit told me my abusive brother is my twin flame, and I could see we shared a soul. I already knew that as souls we have a great love for each other.

Council: We’d like to say at this point that your brother is not a twin flame. As we’ve explained in another post, the twin flame is you. It’s the mirror image you create for yourself in whatever reality you choose, but you and your brother have had many other lifetimes together. The feeling of camaraderie, problems, chaos, and happiness you experience with your brother, you’ve done many times before.

And so you choose to come back into your current reality with your brother this time. It’s a feeling of, “Let’s see what we create this time. We’ve been together and we’ve enjoyed it, and we’ve always learned. And so we’ll be together in our current life also.”

Bob: Apparently Mariner2Mother is under the impression from a healing session she had that her brother is her twin flame, which means that her brother has the same spirit as she has. And you’re saying that from your point of view you don’t see…

Council: He is another spirit that’s agreed to come, for all the reasons they wanted to come into their current lifetime, but it’s another soul. It’s not the twin mirror of herself.

M2M: Can you define what a soul family is for me?

Council: A soul family is many souls that come together, that work quite often in each other’s reality. But it’s also possible to jump from a group of souls that are different from the ones you’re used to working with. So you can jump from soul family to soul family if you need to learn something and these other souls are available and want to be part of it with you.

It’s wonderful that you have the ability to work with whoever you want, whatever spirit you want, in each lifetime. You have the ability to work with your familiar spirit energies. You have the ability to jump and work with spirits that you haven’t worked with before. You have the ability to become an animal if you wish. You have the ability to come into a reality as an extraterrestrial. You have the ability to go to other dimensions. It’s limitless what you can do. There are no rules.

M2M: I have a sense that a soul family is a group of souls meant to play out all sorts of scenarios together over several lifetimes.

Council: Yes, they do.

M2M: For instance, I’ve been told that my son and I have had a lifetime together when he was my mother and I was his son. Once I stepped onto my healing path I met a few women whose stories resonate with mine quite a bit and they feel like kindred spirits.

Council: And so you’ve worked with them before and you may feel that there’s a familiarity. There’s a reason that you may all be going through the same thing and are there coming together now to help each other through it. It’s support, and it’s learning, and it’s having fun.

Bob: Do you agree with Mariner2Mother that she’s had a lifetime where her current son was her mother and she was her son?

Council: Several times. There’s been a back-and-forth. They have been neighbors, cousins, teachers, and lovers. And so they share many, many lifetimes.

M2M: Would they be part of my soul family?

Bob: Meaning her son and these women whose stories resonate with her.

Council: We’d say, yes, because there are many, many lifetimes where you’ve come together.

M2M: Do we incarnate with one primary soul family for possibly hundreds or thousands of incarnations that might include being human, animal, or even some sort of star being?

Council: Yes, yes, and yes.

M2M: When might the members of our soul family change, as in entering or leaving the group?

Council: We teach that you are the creator of your life. So whether you create in one reality or another, or whether you create what goes on in spirit, you can always leave and you can come back, but there’s no separation. In spirit we’re all one. We’re all together. And so, in reality, when you understand about spirit, we’re all one large family.

Bob: Can you give us an analogy that explains the idea of soul families compared to the one large family of spirit?

Council: It’s a group of people. Some groups are very small and some are very large. It’s just a feeling of wanting to be together again and working well with each other in each reality, whether you’re both animals, or aliens, or humans. And so there’s a wanting to grow together because as one person in the family grows, everyone grows with them, even if what they experience are very different.

And so there’s a feeling that you bring in from the human reality that we like to be with these spirits, but that’s something you understand on a physical level and on a human level. But in spirit we don’t think, “Oh you come from that family, I come from this family.” We are all one. The perspective of how you look at it is totally different. In your reality now, it’s comforting to know that you have one family that goes around from life, to life, to life.

Bob: So it sounds like you’re saying that the idea of a soul family is more from a human perspective…

Council: Yes.

Bob: …whereas from a spiritual perspective it’s all one large family.

Council: But yet, we say there are many, many souls that just love coming together lifetime after lifetime no matter what you create. And so instead of it being spirit saying, “Let’s do it again, this is wonderful.” In the human reality one likes to think, “Oh, I’m with my family again,” when in reality all is one.

Bob: You mention larger and smaller soul families. Can you give us an idea of how many souls are in a large soul family?

Council: It’s limitless – as large as one would want to experience. Or you can have twenty people that you say, “Oh, for the next twenty lifetimes let’s just work together.” It’s the perspective. It’s what you want to do. But there’s love among every single soul and the connection is there, and you know that when you’re in spirit. You’re learning that when you’re in the physical.

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