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Are The Cause And Cure For Mental Illness The Same As Physical Illness?

This post answers a question from a long-time reader named, Jan.

Jan: The Council’s answer to Linsay’s question about health and sickness is wonderful and empowering. I’d be very interested to know, though, whether the same applies to what we commonly refer to as mental illness.

Council: Mental illness is created by the spirit that’s coming into this reality. Sometimes the spirit wants to experience mental illness because they’ve seen others in other lifetimes go through it and they want more understanding. Sometimes they’ve been with mental illness in another lifetime and didn’t like the way they handled it and they didn’t like the way they went through that reality.

But mostly, people with mental illness are coming into their current reality to help others get more understanding of their condition, to not be afraid of it, and to learn how to communicate and live with someone with mental illness. It’s a wonderful thing, as spirits, that we do that. But mental illness is a choice.

And so we’d say to you, Jan, if you know someone with a mental illness, it’s a gift to you. Look at it that way and send this person love and support in every way you can because you were chosen to be in this person’s life. And so we wish you well on your journey and your learning.

We send you blessings, and joy, and love, and the ability to have wonderful memories, to laugh, to hope, to stretch out your hand and help each other, and enjoy this life that you’ve created.

Remember, no one creates for you. It’s all up to you.

The people around you that you have chosen to be in your life have agreed to come and help you. They’ve agreed to learn from you. There are things they need from this experience of mental illness.

And so you’re all there and everything is planned with love. And when you go back into spirit you’ll go, “Wow, what a trip.” So enjoy and have fun.

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