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Coming From Your Heart, Connecting To Your Higher Self, And Feeling Good

This post is a little unusual because it contains a recorded phone conversation between one of our readers and The Council. Ordinarily when a reader pays for a phone session with The Council, we don’t publish that session on our blog. It remains private. In this case we’ve received permission from the reader to publish this session so we could make The Council’s guidance available to a wider audience. Our thanks go out to this reader. We hope you enjoy this guidance as much as we have.

Anonymous: Over the last several months I’ve been feeling depressed. I’m not feeling that way today, but on and off I’ve been feeling some heavy energy and just overwhelmed and stressed, yet kind of bored at the same time. The other thing is, do you get the sense there’s something I need to be doing in my life that I’m not doing, and if I’m really working on my intended path for this lifetime at this point in my life?

Council: So let us ask you, how do you feel you’re doing?

Anonymous: I don’t know. I think I’m doing okay, but I’ve had some periods over the last four or five months where I’ve experienced this real heaviness and stress on and off, not consistently. In December I took myself on a four-day retreat to a nice resort in Scottsdale, Arizona and that helped, but then before Christmas this energy kind of came back. I’m not really feeling it now, but it’s like a feeling of being overwhelmed and I don’t know if it’s stress, anger, or if it’s both. Then I feel better. I’m also doing the meditation that you mentioned.

And then the other question is: Do you get the sense that I’m fulfilling my life purpose at this point, or is there something else I need to be doing that I’m not doing. And with that stress, there’s also a sense of spiritual disconnection from my higher source.

Council: Well we’d say the depression is going on in your reality on a very large scale for many, many people. Besides meditation we suggest that you take a nap as often as possible. There’s a big swing in your reality and everyone here is going into a higher vibration. When you do that, a lot of old stuff will come up, whether you know it or not.

So you will feel depressed and you will feel stressed. When you feel that, as odd as this may sound, it’s very good for you to acknowledge it and then just say: Oh, this is wonderful. It’s coming up. Like someone once said: When you clean a fish tank, all the debris comes up and everything gets really dirty and ugly for a while, and then the water clears.

So this is a time of great release in your reality. And everybody that’s here has agreed to this on some level, to get rid of whatever they don’t need anymore, or what’s in their way of evolving and becoming more enlightened. And so we’re going into a time where we’re not so much to come from our head and trying to figure out things, but to come from the heart. So that’s got to clear up.

And we also want to say, in case you find yourself bumping into walls, hitting your arms, and dropping stuff, it’s the heart chakra that’s releasing on such a fast level. The heart chakra controls the arms and the hands. So you’ll get kind of clumsy. It’s all part of the clearing out. So if you get pains in your hands, your elbows, your shoulders, your arms, or your chest, it’s all part of this clearing on a big scale. It’s a wonderful thing, even though it doesn’t feel great in the human body.

And so the best thing is, of course, positive thinking. If you feel so overwhelmed, we would say take a nap. Because when you take a nap it can release easier and with less stress on you. And a lot of times when you wake up you’ll feel lighter. You will feel the difference.

But if you’ve heard what people are speaking about now, how we’re in this third dimension and we’re moving on to the fifth dimension, and who is stuck in the fourth dimension, it doesn’t matter. You’re evolving. You’re going to a place where you come more from your heart. Even people that you’re angry with, you’ll easily be able to think: Oh, I want to feel love for them, and you’ll feel it. It’s an incredible time that we’re going into.

And there are some stories on the internet and there are some books about 5D (the fifth dimension). And you can find exercises to do. And it will also get to a place where you’ll have more confidence within yourself, you’ll connect more to your higher self, which is you. And a lot of people have trouble believing that you are your higher self. But you’ll begin to easily know what directions to go into, what you planned, and if you changed your plan. It will be very, very different. So we’re all in this world going towards what they’ve called, the fifth dimension.

So we’d say do not get upset when you get depressed. Just recognize it and say: Alright, this is good because I’m getting rid of these ugly feelings and I just have to let it come up and it will go. And then when you can, go into positive thinking. What would you like your life to look like going forward? Practice a lot of loving thoughts. Do kind things. It’s now all where you’ll come from your heart.

So we’d say again while this is going on, don’t get upset if all of a sudden people are like, I have arthritis in my hands and elbows, and bursitis in my shoulders. No, that’s not what it is. It may look that way. A doctor could diagnose it that way. It’s all your heart center taking over. It’s a wonderful thing that you’re going into. So we have to tell a lot of people that before it clears, many people think they have this horrible karma that they’re paying for in this life. Well you know what? That belief is going to change. That’s all going to go away.

So you’re in a place to begin, when you can understand, and become more excited. Because the world as you live it right now, what you’ve all created (and you’ve all created everything that goes on, the good stuff and the bad stuff), that is going to change because you’re going to be creating from your heart. Everything you want to do, ask your heart. Sit down and talk to your heart and ask it: Show me a sign. What should I do? Let me connect to my higher self. What should I do? Show me, show me, show me. And you’ll begin to get the answers very easily.

And of course coming from your higher self is going to be wonderful. You’ll never be told: You have to go through this mess. It’s going to be difficult. That’s not what’s going to happen. The higher self is going to show you, and give you answers. And then, like being in school, if you don’t follow that gut feeling (and that gut feeling is you, your higher self), you’ll sort of get in trouble.

Or you’ll experience something not the way you want it. And then you’ll realize the next time you ask and you get information, you’ll be more open to following it. And then you’ll see that each time you follow that guidance, miracles will happen and your life will get easier. Things won’t upset you like they did before. It’s a beautiful time that you’ve chosen to be in in your current reality. You’ve all wanted this. Every single person has agreed to this. And so there’s a lot of upheaval, but it will change.

You must come from your heart and ask yourself, how would a loving person handle this situation? What would a loving person do? Some people go more into their religion, which is wonderful because it teaches goodness, light, compassion, and being kind to each other. We have to get into that mindset to move forward.

And so we love to tell you that you are there. You are in it, even when you get uncomfortable. You’re doing the work, subconsciously at first, but then you’ll begin to understand it. You will see it and go: Oh, look at this. I’m releasing something. And you don’t have to know what it is, but you’re feeling miserable. And you’re going to go in your heart and send yourself love. You’re going to do whatever makes you feel good. Surround yourself with pink energy and white energy. Imagine feeling wonderful. As we’ve been teaching through the years, people can send out with their thoughts what they want, see the image, think about it and then feel it, because that would be the magnet that brings what you want back to you.

We’ve been asking people to do this because now the next step is that you will go to your heart and feel everything you go through. How does this feel? If you feel uncomfortable that’s your higher self saying: Nope. Don’t do that, or don’t think that way. Think differently about the uncomfortable feelings. Come from another perspective. Come from the heart. You can create what you want. Visualize it and then feel it like you have it already. That was to teach you to feel.

Right now and going forward the most important thing is the feeling. If you can’t visualize what you want because you’re not sure, or you just can’t visualize, go into your heart and feel that you are happy. Feel that there’s love in there. Feel that you’re growing and you’re on a whole new path. Just feel. Everything you ask about, feel it. Just keep saying to yourself: I’m connected to my higher self. I now will get the right answers. My higher self knows what I planned, knows what I want to do, knows that I want to go to this new vibration that’s coming in. And when you do that, your whole life will begin to change. So you’re at the beginning of it. It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Anonymous: Wow, wonderful. So I’m in the midst of this, like so many other people. Do you get the sense that what I’m currently doing with my business, is that still the path I need to be on? I think it is, but I kind of question it sometimes that maybe I’m in the right industry, but maybe I could be doing something differently, or if I’m doing what I need to do.

Council: Okay, here’s the first question. Does it make you happy? Do you feel good doing this, without the doubt coming in, because there’s always this doubt which you’ll learn to get rid of? Are you happy when you do this? That’s all that really matters. There’s really nothing that you’re supposed to do. Everybody thinks: Am I supposed to do this? No, you’re supposed to evolve. You’re supposed to find things that make you feel good. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if anyone agrees. Does it feel good? Does it make you happy? Are you being helpful to others? This is all-important right now.

So do your work without the doubt because if the doubt is there, you’ll learn to let that go. If you don’t doubt, like you said, you think this is what you’re supposed to do. When you say that, it’s your higher self saying: Let’s take a look at this. So when you look at it, you think this is what you’re supposed to do. We’d say, Yes. And if you want more from it, or if you want to do it differently, or if you want a change, feel it. Just think to yourself the right thing is going to come along because I’m connected to my higher self now. I have that connection. It’s stronger. So if I’m not happy doing what I’m doing, then there’s a better way, and because I’m coming from my heart it must come to me. Whatever it is must come to me. But if you’re enjoying it, then you stay with it, you keep being helpful, and do what you’re doing.

Anonymous: Yes, I enjoy it. It gets a little bit lonely, but I love the freedom, the travel, and having my own schedule. I feel free. Sometimes I feel a little lonely because I work at home alone in the office, and I’m kind of extroverted. I ask that question not only from the standpoint of the business itself. I guess the larger question is, do you get the sense I’m doing enough in my life to help other people in all aspects, and to be of service to other people?

Council: We’d say you’re doing a wonderful job. Do you want to do more? Put it out there. Just feel from your heart: Oh, there are so many more people coming to me. There are so many more people that I see and they need some sort of help. No matter what it is, they say they need some sort of help, and I can do that.

So we’d say you’re not a selfish person. There’s no problem that we see going on. You’re on a great path of growing and that your question – is there more that I can do – there’s no problem that we see going on. You are on a great path of growth and your question, is there more that I can do, that’s your heart. That’s a wonderful thing that you would actually say: Am I doing enough? Do you realize how high your vibration is? How wonderful that you’re saying: Am I doing enough? Should I do more?

And remember, in this life there are many ups and downs. You’re going to feel wonderful, like you’re on top of the world, and then you aren’t and you get down on yourself. It’s not enough because it’s part of the human body and the human brain. But we want you to really remember what you just asked. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place that you’re in. That shows us you’re connecting already with your higher self because there’s always that want to do more. There’s always that wanting to feel good, the wanting to help others, and to help oneself just to feel happy and loving.

So you’re on your way there. It’s coming more and more into what you create going forward. So we wouldn’t say you’re not on the right path, you’re not doing this and you have to do that. No, we’d say you know the answer. It’s within you. So connect to that higher self. When you start looking at things differently, asking different positive questions like can I do more? Should I have better thoughts? Should I meditate more? When I go into the dream state maybe I’d like to learn how to remember some astral travel, which we all do at night.

All those new things to bring into your life, and you are going into that fifth dimension. Many people are talking about the fourth dimension because they have to put labels on it. And all it means is that: I want to get there, I think I feel better, but I don’t feel better all the time, so I’m stuck right now in the fourth dimension. Some people say: I went from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. I’m so loving. And after they feel like that, boom, they get depressed and they’re like, no, I’m not there.

Your life and how you track it is what you think of. And of course the first thing you should send love to is yourself, to have confidence in yourself. And really, really meditate on: I’m really a spirit in this physical body. This is incredible. And I came here not to do something I’m supposed to do. I just came here to be. I came here to find things that make me happy. I came here to have loving thoughts and to find people that I can make smile and make happy. And that’s all I want to do.

We’ve said through the years that the purpose for everyone coming into this reality is to take the love you feel in spirit – and it’s one hundred times more than what you feel when you’re happy – when you take that love, you want to bring that into this reality. That’s what you all agreed upon. You agreed that you would go through wars, sicknesses, and terrible attacks on individual people. You said: Alright, I’ll go through this, and then I’ll remember I’m a spirit and I have to have those loving thoughts. I have to send love, even to people that annoy me. I will bring that love in.

When that’s done and everyone is more on that path, you’ll see they’ll find cures for diseases, there will no longer be sickness, there will no longer be wars, people will be open to negotiating feeling good, and trying to help one another. You’re part of that.

Anonymous: I’m concerned about our country and if our country is going to make it because I’m seeing the opposite in legislation that’s against transgender and even African-Americans, and diverting money away from public education. So are things on the right track there, especially in the United States?

Council: Yes, because you all said it’s going to get bad, and it’s our challenge, and you all said yes when you were in spirit. Yes, I can do this, because in spirit everything looks really easy. But you all agreed that: Okay, we’re going to make it very, very stressful. We’re going to make it very chaotic, because that’s the opposite of what we want. We want to get rid of all that in our reality. So we’ll do the work, and of course it’s not always easy.

It’s very simple to say: Oh, I’ll have good thoughts, and I’ll send myself love, and that one love, but you can’t always do it. It’s part of the human makeup. But when you’re in spirit you said: Yes, I’m going in. I can do this. And you can. You have to get to a point where you just start thinking: I can. Oh my god, look what I’m seeing on the news. This is horrible. Well yes, okay, I agreed to that. This is supposed to happen.

Anonymous: To what benefit? This is bad stuff.

Council: Yes, but the benefit is that it will make you grow. It will show you what you don’t want, and some people don’t even know what they don’t want. They turn their head at it. So all of this is showing you and you say: No, I don’t want to be against this kind of people, or that kind of people, or this country. I don’t want that. So this is showing you, this is a reminder this is not what you want.

You agreed to see it because in the human form you don’t always remember what you agreed to in spirit. But you all agreed to it and said: Well let’s see it get bad so that we sort of wake up. And we go: No, this is not it. This is not the kind of world I want. So it forces you to find a way to change. Not to sit back and say: Oh, the country’s going to pot. The whole world is going to blow up. That wasn’t the plan. The plan was to get stronger with your thoughts and your feelings.

You know, it’s wonderful how some people at night before they go to bed, they send pink light all over. They send it to neighborhoods. They picture pink light surrounding the globe. That’s an image some people use, and that’s love coming into the whole reality. It’s whatever you want. And there have been studies where meditation groups have targeted a neighborhood and for so many days, every day at the same time people sit down and meditate and send a neighborhood pink light or white light, and loving thoughts. And they have information, they have proof that in that period of time, whether it’s a week or a month, there’s less crime in that neighborhood.

And so it does work. Do you want to be part of it? You can do it. You don’t have to be in a group. Sit by yourself and send beautiful white light anywhere you want. Send it to people, send it to a country, send it to the whole world. You are part of the biggest change that will happen at this time. Aren’t you proud of yourself that you came in?

Anonymous: Yes, I guess so.

I know we’re running out of time, but do you get a sense of how many years it will be before this country … and I know it’s about me and about my work, I understand that … but just when things will start to become more sane again with all the shootings, and the LGBTQ backlash, and all that stuff? Is it five, ten, or fifteen years?

Council: Well, it’s very hard to say. And we’ve said this before because it’s all up to everybody how fast it comes in. But we would say there’s a lot of problems out there yet, but it can be changed. So the more you do it, the other chaos that’s out there doesn’t have to appear in this reality, but we would say it could be five years.

And it’s really up to everyone how fast they bring it in. If no one wants to go out of their way and try this and be certain that it will get better, then it will take longer. So that’s why it’s so important to do the work. And every time you do, you’re bringing the love into this reality. When you do it, ask for signs that you can have proof that it’s working. You will see something. Whether it’s somebody on the street that gets hurt and you see people running around to help them.

Anonymous: That happened last week on my street.

Council: Ahh, good. You’re already ahead of the game. That’s wonderful.

Anonymous: Like fifteen people stopped their cars. A guy wrecked his bicycle after dark and all sorts of people just stopped and wanted to help.

Council: There are so many good people in this world, in this reality, and we don’t always hear about them. But there are so many that want peace, that want love, and that don’t agree with what’s going on. And even their thoughts that this is not what they want, that they wish it was more loving, that they wish people got along, even those thoughts of wishing people got along, they’re in a place where their vibration changes. Even if it’s just for a few minutes while they’re thinking that, and that helps.

So every time you have a good positive thought, you just brought in positive energy. So your thoughts and how you look at things is very important. And you are doing a great job. So when you get overwhelmed, go take a nap, or watch something funny on TV. Do whatever it takes, but if you can’t get rid of that feeling, then you take a nap. Definitely take a nap.

Anonymous: I watch funny videos on YouTube.

Council: That’s wonderful.

So we want to say, stop worrying. You’re in a great place. We see what you’re doing. You’re already going into that energy. Now you know some more of what you can do about it. And look for the changes. Look. You will see it. Connect. Say: I want to see things from the perspective of my higher self. I want to see it. You will see it.

Anonymous: Okay. That’s very reassuring. Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the wrong track or if I’m doing something wrong, but this really does help. It really does help a lot. It’s reassuring that I’m doing enough and that the stress I feel, and some of the heaviness I feel, is from around the world and the collective. That really helps.

Bob: You know not only will it help you, but if you agree to let us publish this session on our blog, I think it can help a lot of other people as well. We don’t usually make our private phone sessions public on the blog, but in this particular case…

Cynthia: This is an important one.

Bob: …the information that came through for you is applicable to many, many other people and there isn’t any real personal or private information that I imagine you wouldn’t want to get out there.

Anonymous: Exactly.

Bob: You’re in agreement with that?

Anonymous: I am in agreement. That would be great. The more people that can benefit from that, the better.

Cynthia: I have to say here, The Council is saying, “Look at that. Look what he just did. He has no idea how many people he will be helping by allowing this session to go on your blog. He took a giant leap, a big step to help so many other people. Again, a wonderful thing.”

Bob: Did you hear that?

Anonymous: Wow. Well very good. Yeah. The more you can spread that the better. So yeah, take reference of my name out of it and you’re good to go.

Bob: We look forward to publishing this session. And be open to receiving the benefits of what other people get out of this information.

Cynthia: A lot of benefits.

Anonymous: The more the merrier. The more you, and me, and The Council, and Cynthia, and everybody else can help, the better. I’m happy to do that.

Bob: Thank you so much. We really appreciate that. It was a great session. I really got a lot out of it.

Anonymous: Well good. I did too. Thank you. I feel better already. I’m seeing the sun too, so that helps.

Bob: I’m glad. We’ll get the recording of this session to you in the next 24 hours.

Anonymous: Okay. Thank you so much, Bob. I appreciate it.

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