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Did My Friend, Stephen, And I Pre-Plan To Connect In Our Current Life?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Sophie.

Sophie: I wanted to ask about my friend, Stephen. Our bond seems to be really strong, even when we don’t see or speak to each other for a long time. That makes me think we knew each other in a past life. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that we must have planned to connect in our current life. Could you shed some light on that?

Council: Yes, you did know each other in several lives. And yes, you did plan to connect in this life to get together.

Now it’s sort of iffy, but you both agreed that going forward when you would be at an older age, that there would be a marriage. There’s a possibility. But always know that you and your friend have the ability to change whatever you thought. And so you’re still in control, but yes, there is a closeness there.

Sophie: I had a dream that I was standing with an angel looking down at an altar where I could see myself and Stephen getting married in an incredibly bright golden light.

Council: When you look at this scene do you see a wreath of flowers on your head and with a thin veil? You would describe this as the time of Gwenevere or Camalot. And so you were married in this beautiful church, and it was something back then that was also planned in spirit. And you were very much in love and had this beautiful wedding ceremony. And that’s what you were allowed to see in that dream. And so it’s just the memories that are coming through that are trying to show you that, yes, you do have a close bond with each other.

Sophie: Neither of us has any interest in marriage at the moment.

Council: Yes, at the moment.

Sophie: But I was wondering whether this was a message that we were married in a past life?

Bob: And you’re saying it was.

Sophie: Lastly, I find it difficult to cope with the idea of us moving on to separate romantic partners. How can I support myself to do this and also maintain a relationship of mutual respect with Stephen?

Council: By knowing you are the creator and by deciding what you want. You can let your relationship flow and see where it goes, or you can create a marriage again if that’s what you want, or you can just be friends and go with different partners. But even if you do that, what’s important here is the understanding that you’ve been together before. And if you both decide that marriage isn’t in the cards in your current lifetime, you can do it again and be married in another lifetime.

All of this is to show people you’ve had past lives, you’re still living, and you can have future lives. And you can decide who is in them and what direction they are going just by acknowledging that you are spirit, acknowledging that you have a choice, and manifesting by your thoughts and feelings of how it is with what you want. Do you have a picture or a focus of being married? How does that look? What does it feel like? Tap into the feeling. If you want to go separate ways, what does that look like? How does that feel? But always knowing it’s exactly what you both want to create this time, and you will create again.

Sophie: Deep down in my heart I’m just not ready to let go.

Council: That’s fine. Have fun with it and create what’s in your heart.

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