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How Do I Rewrite My Soul Contract?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Stephen.

Stephen: How do I rewrite my soul contract? I really want to do this. Thank you.

Council: This can be difficult for many people to understand, but there really is no dead-set soul contract. There are many things you speak of before you planned this reality. Maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that. And when you talk to other souls and you decide what it is, and you pick your parents and the life you’re going to go through, there’s nothing there that’s written in stone.

Your higher self, which is you (and we underline that), which is you and nobody else, knows specifically what you want to do. And it’s easy for you to want to rewrite this contract, but all you really have to do is take a good look at what you’re doing and how you can just tweak it a little bit, and make it a little bit easier, or make it go in another direction. But the main thing, the real main thing that your soul wants to do this time around, even if you find another way to do it, your higher self will lead you that way.

But we don’t want everyone to hear, “Oh, I made this soul contract and I can’t get out of it.” You can change it because you are the creator. You created what you wanted in this reality. You create the where, the why, the who, and the things you’re going to experience, but there’s nothing you can not make better, that you can make easier, or go off in another direction. It’s very important at this time that everyone knows you are the creator.

So maybe there is a contract, for lack of a better word, and because in your human reality you need that word, contract. So you strike something out. So you put a line through it. It’s important to remember that you are creating your life the way that it’s going. And it’s simple, but not always easy to think of picturing your life the way you want it. And the more you can do that, and pretend you have it already, or it’s going in that direction, that is how you’ll bring it in. But you do it from a place of love and excitement that you are in charge, that you can do this or do that, and change this or change that, and make this life the way you want it.

You came here to have fun and to have some challenges to see how you’d handle them. And if it’s difficult, you can lighten the load, so to speak, but there’s nothing we want you to feel is an ironclad agreement and you are stuck for it this life.

And so for ten minutes a day before you go to bed, think of one little thing that you’d like to have some more joy in order to experience your life in an easier way. And start seeing it and feeling it, and we promise you when you keep doing this, you’ll see people around you, and things around you, change. Even if it’s slowly, there’s the improvement that you want.

And when you see that, be grateful for it and know, “Well look at what I did, because I have created it.” No one else will create in your reality.

Bob: Anything else for Stephen?

Council: We think that’s quite a bit. Do that work. Do that understanding. Most of all, you are the creator, you are spirit. You want to do this, you want to do that. Trust your higher self. It will take you down the path you want, and you will experience what it is that you came to experience. And whatever it is, there are many ways to get there. So play with it in your mind. I’d like to do this. Maybe I could do it this way, this way, or this way. Play with it and you will come up with what works for you.

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