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Will I Meet My Ex Again, Or Meet Someone New To Share My Life With?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Starfish.

Starfish: I was wondering if my ex and I will ever meet again. It was a very unique connection for me even though it’s been two years since we last talked, and I still think of him dearly. There was so much love there. We never officially dated, despite having feelings for each other. The connection was too triggering for both of us since we mirrored our childhood wounds so deeply. We weren’t ready for a relationship.

Council: So you chose to come together to look at these wounds and help yourself and each other heal them. But as we see what you planned, you didn’t think about staying together. So that purpose was done. You experienced it at whatever level you both could handle in this particular lifetime with what was happening around you.

Starfish: I want to know: Do my ex and I plan to meet again in the future to wrap up this connection?

Council: Well we would think so, but of course, as we said, that’s entirely up to the both of you to make the decision, and then to create it.

Starfish: Or was this connection just a lesson for me to learn to not reactivate the same wounds with my future partner or partners?

Council: It was to look at the same wounds that you had, and to heal them.

Starfish: I really wish to see him again. I miss him as a dear friend, and I wonder if he’s doing all right.

Council: We see he’s alright. And at the moment we see he has gone forward with his life. We don’t see anything at the present moment where you’d connect again.

Bob: I was under the impression you said before that they might connect again, and now you’re saying that…

Council: He has moved forward. You can connect again in another lifetime if that’s wanted, but in this lifetime there was the wanting to come together, but there was nothing that was planned where they would stay together. It was to work on the wounds and then make a choice from there, and that was to go on.

Bob: So in answer to Starfish’s question: Do my ex and I plan to meet again in the future to wrap up this connection? you weren’t referring to their current life?

Council: Not this lifetime.

Starfish: Does he feel the same about me too?

Council: We could say he wishes you well, but again, there’s no thought of reconnecting.

Starfish: A long time ago I asked him to block me so we couldn’t contact each other. He hasn’t unblocked me since then, and now I can’t contact him first.

Council: So at the time you suggested that, was it apparent to you that you no longer wanted this connection by asking him to block you, but now there’s a change of heart? If you want this reconnection, then we would always suggest doing the inner work. Talk to his spirit at night or in the day, and put to him what you’d like. And then do the work – the discipline of seeing it and feeling it however you want. You run into him, he calls you, whatever it is, if that’s your strong desire without any doubt, then we can say, of course you can create that again.

Starfish: Is there anything I can do? I’m willing to open my heart again this time. I regret pushing him away back then.

Council: Have the image in your mind of you and him sitting across from each other inside a pink bubble, and send that image to him. His spirit, of course, will receive it and will know what you’re doing, and then we’ll see where he would be with that. So that’s your part in what you can do.

Starfish: If my ex and I don’t plan to meet again, does The Council see anyone important coming into my life soon?

Council: Of course, if that’s what you want to create. We do see there was a thought of having a permanent relationship. There is someone that you can pull in – a spirit that’s willing to be part of this reality with you. And so, that is there for you if you choose to go in that direction. It’s always good to remember that it’s up to you. Your thoughts, your images, and your feelings will create what you want in your life.

But before you go into this focusing and imagining, you must raise your vibration. And by doing that you must become very happy, very joyful, very playful, and feeling like a child who’s excited about something. When you’re in that state, and you do the work in your mind of seeing it and feeling it, you will create it.

Starfish: What can I do to manifest a new loving romantic connection?

Council: Whatever it is that you want, you raise your vibration, and you do the inner work. It’s focus, focus, focus.

Starfish: Are there still any inner wounds I need to be aware of?

Council: Of course. There are many. And it will come up with what you choose to face in this lifetime.

Starfish: How can I work through these wounds?

Council: As they come up, whatever you find hurtful, look at it. What does it remind you of? How does it make you feel? Why does it make you feel this way? And then ask yourself if there’s forgiveness for all concerned with this, including yourself? And so, trust, we can say, is one of the issues. So learn about trusting.

And so, we send you love, we send you happiness, we send you energy to raise your vibration, and the ability to look inside yourself and around you, and appreciate yourself, and appreciate everything you have around you, and to go forward and look for the fun and the happiness.

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