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Pregnant With An Unplanned Third Child At 40 That My Husband Doesn’t Want?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, L.

L: I’d love to ask The Council’s advice. I’ve recently determined I’m pregnant with our third child. It was unplanned, and I’m 40 years old. I’m struggling to find clarity in my heart about what to do. We’re in a big transition, seeking a new home and work. And physically I feel how challenging another child would be on my body and my energy. And my husband doesn’t want another child.

Council: You already know your husband doesn’t want this child. It sounds like you have a problem with knowing how you’d handle this new child and that it will be stressful.

And so we’ll say here, where we can never make the decision for you, it’s so wonderful that no matter what you decide, we see here that this spirit, and you, and your husband have agreed to either way, having the baby or not having the baby. It was thought that spirit would come in at a certain time and you would then all decide, were you ready?

And so if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable, that you don’t feel in your heart it is a good decision, it’s okay not to bring forth this child into this reality. You’ve all agreed to this. And so there’s no wrongdoing. There’s nothing to feel guilty about. The child will go on and, if it wishes, be born to another couple. It may stay in the spirit world for a while, or a long time. Nobody will suffer from this.

And so the decision is yours, and it should be made with love. You and your husband send each other love and send this spirit love. This spirit already is sending you love.

And so everything, no matter which way you decide, will be perfect.

L: And yet I also feel it’s a divine blessing to conceive without trying, and there’s immense grief considering how to end the pregnancy.

Council: It’s a divine blessing because you are divine, the child is divine, your husband is divine, and you’d agreed to have this child if it was at a good time and if it would be good for all three of you. So the three of you brought this pregnancy forward and brought it through with the knowledge that if it wasn’t a good time to have this child, you could end the pregnancy and release the child.

L: It’s very early, but I wouldn’t wish to wait very long if we take this path of stopping the pregnancy.

Council: This is understandable so all of you can go on. The spirit can go on, you can go on, and your husband can go on.

L: Can you shed any light on spirit and moving forward with love for our entire family?

Council: There’s all love for you in spirit. All of you have it within you. All of your higher selves know what’s planned. And any decision, and we say it again, any decision that you make is perfect.

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