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Is the Forth Dimension Spacial?

This post is inspired by a question from a reader named Audrey who was reading a book on theoretical physics that suggests the forth dimension is not time, as many people believe, but instead is spatial. And Audrey asks The Council if this is the case.

The Council says the forth dimension is spatial, but it is considered more as time. They say living in the forth dimension would be like living in the three dimensions we know (height, width, and depth), but more like a hologram. They repeat that everything in the forth dimension is time.

The Council says time is experienced differently in the forth dimension, almost as if you were etheric, existing there with no beginning and no ending. The forth dimension is not solid or at the same pace as the third dimension. The timing is quicker and you are less dense. There are many of you, like a hologram, and they say in this space you can be everywhere at one time.

They say it is difficult to understand and suggest we meditate on this.

In their closing The Council reminds us to remember our promise as we came into this reality to bring love to this reality, no matter what reality we are experiencing, and to meditate on that.

Listen to our 4-minute session with The Council to answer Audrey’s question for all their guidance, and let us know what you think.

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