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What Is The Source Of My Mood Swings, Anger, And Rage?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I continue to go through a major shift in perception. I feel as though I’m learning so much about life, self-healing work, etc. However, while trying to heal, I’ve yet to understand my mood swings and the source of my anger and rage.

Council: This happens now at a time in your reality where many people are dealing with emotions: anger, happiness, depression, and feeling very uplifted. It’s the time with a mass agreement for people to go through this because it will take your planet, your reality, to a higher level.

And so it’s important right now to pay attention to your feelings. Do not fear them. Let your feelings come up and then always try to focus the energy of love on every emotion. You’ll begin to feel different. It’s a way you’ll learn to control your emotions. Accept them when they come, acknowledge them, and then always put the stamp of love on each emotion.

And so follow the ups and downs that your higher self is showing you and you’ll move forward and you’ll learn much more about your life and purpose here. You’ll have more confidence and we can guarantee you’ll move forward.

Elizabeth: I want to learn to control my anger and rage, and how to release it in a healthy way.

Council: Not so much to control it, but to let it come and then say to yourself, “Anger is here again. Anger is paying me a visit. What does it remind me of? What could it be that causes this anger? Is it here just for me to change it?” And many times that’s the reason. It just comes up and you need to do the work where you don’t say, “Go away.” You say, “Hello, anger. You’re part of this life, but now we’re going to make you feel better.”

And you’ll put love and pink light all over yourself and all over the thought of anger. Try to picture what it looks like. What shape does it have? Put pink light on it and you’ll see and learn many things. Just accept it.

Elizabeth: I realize anger is disguised sadness. It seems so ingrained in me and comes at times I don’t even understand. Is it a loss of control?

Council: Of course it’s loss of control, but it comes from other lifetimes which aren’t important to delve into. Just know: Okay, I’m carrying this, I created this in spirit to be happening so I could learn how to change it.

Elizabeth: If it is loss of control, where did I learn the need to want it, and the fear of losing it?

Council: In other lifetimes when there was loss of control, when there was too strenuous a life for you, when there was no ifs or buts, you wanted things a certain way and they wouldn’t happen. And so you bounced around each side of the coin. What does it feel like to have control? What does it feel like not to have control? It doesn’t matter when this happened. Only that you look at it now and you think: Okay, these feelings, they may be coming from other times, they may be coming now only because I’ve asked it to come forward so I could heal it.

Elizabeth: If the anger and sadness are from childhood trauma, what’s the event I need to look at to understand and allow myself peace and grace?

Council: There’s nothing in your current particular life you need to look at. What you called forth is feelings from other lives. You called forth the lesson to learn how to change these feelings. And many, many in your reality want to learn how to work with their mind on a great scale to change things. And that’s why the feelings are so powerful. It’s now on a great scale all over your reality, people trying to learn how to work with their mind because that’s how you create.

Elizabeth: I know love is the answer…

Council: Yes it is.

Elizabeth: …yet sometimes the rage consumes me. Can you help?

Council: Feel your rage, say hello to it, get ahold of your thoughts, your mind, and say, “I’ve created this because I want to learn how to become more of the spiritual person I am, and I’m now going to infuse this thought and this feeling with love. And I’ll do it with my mind.

Happiness and blessings to everyone. Enjoy yourself. Find your power. Every day create happiness, even if it’s for the littlest thing because when you’re in that vibration, you’ll be able to bring into your life at any time what will give you happiness on a longer basis. So have fun with it.

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