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Why Am I So Attracted to This Man if I’m in a Stable Marriage?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Stella, who recently met a man she calls, “E”, who she has an intense connection with. Stella and E are drawn to each other and she feels so alive and at peace when they’re together. I can see E and me in a loving and supportive relationship, however I’m in a stable and, I thought, happy marriage and I love and respect my husband.

The Council asks Stella if E hadn’t come along would she still think she’s in a loving marriage. You feel an attraction to E that comes from other lifetimes where you were together. The Council says they see in your current lifetime you’re not choosing to come together with E as a romantic partner. You intend to have a supportive friendship for a short time as if you appeared to each other in case either one of you were in need or there are things you’re trying to work out where you need another ear.

The Council advises Stella to focus on her marriage. She is capable of having a good marriage and still having memories of another time where you knew E more intimately. Stella can meditate and ask for information about these previous lives with E and it will come. You may be together with E in a another lifetime. You work well together. But your focus should now be on your marriage. Find the happiness there and support it and you can have the best of both worlds where you are happily married and you have a wonderfully supportive friendship.

The Council says Stella, her husband, and E were all siblings in another lifetime in the early 1700s. There’s an energy that holds the three of you together from this other lifetime. All of you agreed to come together in your current lifetime so you could work together and The Council doesn’t see any reason for Stella to hide her friendship with E from her husband. As you move forward with this you can see the three of you merge together in your thinking and it should be very nice.

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