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Did I Make a Pre-Birth Agreement to Cross Paths with a Blogger?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Susan, who says through the world of blogging she’s made a number of online acquaintances including Darla, who’s author of the blog, She’s a Maineiac. We both have interests in metaphysics and healing and I’m wondering if The Council can tell me if I made a pre-birth agreement with Darla to cross paths during my current lifetime.

The Council says it wasn’t exactly a pre-planned agreement, but being souls who are familiar with each other it was mentioned that maybe you’d meet up at some point and learn from each other, whether it’s through blogging or making a friendship. Enjoy what you learn from each other. Reach out and speak to each other or write to each other. It’s two familiar souls wanting to learn about the same things and supporting each other.

Susan asks if this relationship relates to any other lifetime she and Darla have shared. The Council says it doesn’t relate to another life. It was just the familiarity of knowing each other from other lifetimes, but no particular lifetime is affecting your current lifetime.

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