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What’s My Spiritual Connection to This Boy From My Childhood?

This post answers questions for The Council from someone who goes by the name, Eleven, who says when she was eleven years old she was friends with two foreign brothers who used to come to her town once a year. One of the brothers died a few years later at a very young age due to a heart condition. Now Eleven wonders if all her mystical experiences are connected to his spirit because lately she can’t stop thinking about him even though she hasn’t seen him for a long time.

The Council begins by saying that all Eleven’s mystical experiences have been created by her and not her foreign friend who died. And yet because there’s a familiarity between the two of you from several lifetimes together, it seems you need the essence of his spirit to help you move along your spiritual path and help you have these mystical experiences.

The reason you think this person is around you is because you are calling him to you to help you. He hasn’t come on his own, but because this is what you need at this time. As you create bringing this spirit to you to help you move forward, he’s answered your call. And this was an agreement between the two of you in spirit before coming into this incarnation. If you needed to feel a spirit was helping you, he would be there to fulfill this role. It’s easy to call him in because you’ve felt such a connection and love with him earlier in this lifetime and other lifetimes.

Eleven asks The Council if this spirit is her spiritual twin. The Council says they don’t see this person as a spiritual twin, but they see him as being very close to her because of the different lifetimes they share together. The Council adds that it’s good to know that when someone passes into spirit, that connection isn’t broken. That spirit is always available for you.

Your connection with this boy was to have him in your life for a short time and feel connected so that later in life, if you wanted to know more about spirit and you felt the spirit of this boy was around to help you, it would make it easier for you. That’s the reason for your earlier connection and the feeling of love – you’d be able to recognize when it returns to you.

Eleven says she gets signs from this spirit almost every day. And The Council suggests Eleven ask this spirit specific questions and for specific experiences and see how the answers come to her.

The Council says Eleven is able to have this type of communication with any soul she wishes, but the soul of this boy will be the catalyst to help her see that she can connect with other spirits of family and friends who have passed on into spirit.

Listen to the 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Eleven and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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