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How Can We Create a New Lifetime in the Past?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Brock, about reincarnation and non-linear time. Brock asks for clarification on how we can create new lifetimes in the past when everything supposedly already exists in the present.

The Council says you can send another part of your spiritual self into a life you’ve already created and create another person that fits into that life in whatever role you need.

Sometimes you want to create a totally different life so you create something brand new but in the past. You can have two very similar lives going on at the same time. The spirits that come to help you may be different, but they’ll fill the roles you need them to. It’s possible for spirit to create multiple people in a single lifetime and play all these roles. This has been done.

There are other spirits that want to work with you in each way you create these different lifetimes, and they create different parts of themselves to fill those roles. Whenever you’re creating a new life it’s always necessary to get agreement from other spirits who want to help you, or they want to experience what you’re setting up because it’s a similar experience to one they want.

Brock asks when he creates a life in the past, is he creating a new timeline where the would-be parents had an additional child? Or perhaps I’m creating a new timeline where these parents had different children and families, assuming all involved are willing to create that additional lifetime. The Council says both of these situations are possible because you are the creator in each of your lifetimes.

Brock asks if spirits are willing to create these additional experiences for us when we all have our own desires? The Council says the desires of each spirit are considered and when everyone’s desire is capable of happening in that lifetime there will be an agreement. No one jumps into a life with no lessons, no role, and no desired experience. Everything is spoken about and agreed on. Each spirit that comes in has a purpose.

Brock closes by saying he was basically wondering if it’s easy to get the souls we want to be with to participate in the new experiences he mentions earlier. The Council says when it’s for the benefit of all concerned, there will be an agreement.

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