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Help Me With My Fear Of Being Asleep

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, SweetDreams.

SweetDreams: I was inspired by another reader to ask about sleep. I love my dreams so much, but I’ve had a difficult time sleeping since I was very young. After a visit one night from what I think were extraterrestrial beings, I became more fearful at night, and I’d like to know more about what and who that was.

Council: Many people at night do some astral travel where they see other beings. Or they are in conversation with other beings that they don’t know in their current reality, nad those beings can come to speak to them. Sometimes it comes when you’re just dreaming.

And so the experience you went through was to see other lifeforms, to let that in, to experience that, and try to remember what it was like when you saw this. Do you remember anything that was said? And when we say, “said”, we mean telepathically. Did you get a feeling? There was no harm and no danger in what you saw. It was just at that particular time you were open to let this in.

And so we ask you, is there something about it that frightens you now? Do these extraterrestrials or other beings keep coming back and frightening you? We don’t see this. It’s just that you were open at that point to let other energies of other lifetimes in and to see it, and then as you get older, to work with it, and try to understand it. And that’s what you experienced.

SweetDreams: I’d like to resolve any past life issues that relate to my difficulty sleeping, and I’d very much appreciate any insight that will help me.

Council: We see here at one point, not in a past lifetime but in your present lifetime, you were very young, almost a baby. You heard other adults talking about extraterrestrials, about them reading how people were kidnapped and taken to another planet. You just overheard this in preparation for the time when you’d see it yourself. You just heard people talking about being afraid when you sleep, or when you’re walking down a street at night alone. This is what was discussed, that you could be taken by these creatures. At one time there were a lot of people seeing what they thought were flying saucers. And so all of that, in a young child’s mind, stayed with you.

But again we’d say there’s nothing here that should disturb you when you think of it, or when you go over what you saw, and that nothing dangerous or nothing harmful came of it. And just try to feel the presence of this other spirit, because they are spirits also. And try to tune into what it felt like to be in their presence. Try to tune into their vibration. Was it loving? Was it curious? And from that you’ll learn. And as you accept this, that you were able to connect and there is no danger there, when you’re ready, you will let that in again. And it’s just a way of you learning that there are other realities and other lifeforms. And so that’s a precious gift you gave yourself.

Bob: Can you think of anything that SweetDreams can do to get her sleeping more comfortably?

Council: Number 1, it’s knowing that you are safe, and that nothing will come in the middle of the night and steal you or murder you, or take you away and you won’t return. You are in charge.

And think every night before you go to bed, when I’m ready, because I’m safe and I’ve seen other realities before, I will let more in. I will learn from this, and I will know how much more there really is than my reality.

And so the learning, and then talking about it, getting other people to think about it, allows everyone to grow, allows everyone to be open even a little bit more, to other realities. And we are here to take this reality further than it has been.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for SweetDreams and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Boyfriend Talking in His Sleep About Other Realities

This is an interesting post inspired by a reader named Audrey who has some questions for The Council about her boyfriend Joe’s talking in his sleep. Audrey says she started a conversation with Joe as he slept one night and asked what he was talking about. He replied, Dog Star, and said it’s where all dogs are, and people go there to get their dogs. The Council says it’s wonderful that Joe has created this Dog Star in his reality and that part of Joe’s spirit was willing to share this with Audrey.

Audrey then asks Joe who she’s talking to and he replied, Joe, not Joe-person. Audrey asks what’s the difference between the two and The Council replied, there is Joe the personality in the reality Joe and Audrey share; there are Joes with personalities from other realities because there are many realities being lived by different parts of Joe at the same time; and there is a part of Joe connecting to his spiritual higher self.

The Council comments that it was very loving of Joe that he was willing to share this experience with Audrey, even if it wasn’t conscious. They advise Audrey to hold onto this memory, talk to Joe about it, and see what she’s able to learn about different realities and about creating them. And they recommend reading books by Jerry and Esther Hicks on what their spirit guide, Abraham, says about how we create.

The Council says many people believe if you are alive now in your current reality, that’s all there is. But they say you are living in many, many realities. You send different pieces of yourself into realities you wish to create.

We like Audrey’s question because we’re not often asked about our ability in spirit to create other realities at the same time we are experiencing our reality here on Earth. We think there’s much to be learned about this.

Listen to our entire 5-minute session with The Council (below) to hear everything they have to say about our ability to create other realities, and let us know what you think.

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