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Who Was That Strange Man I Saw When I Was a Child?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LilyDaisy, who says it seems everyone else’s questions for The Council also help her. The Council adds that when you read these other posts and something resonates within you and it helps you on some level, or you just like the post, we can almost positively say that you had similar experiences in another lifetime. It’s almost like a subconscious remembering. You’ll experience a deep understanding of what that other person is going through because you’ve been there yourself.

LilyDaisy says she’s curious about something strange she experienced as a child. I was boarding a bus with my family when I noticed a small, mysterious man that stood out. Even as a child it struck me as meaningful and I’ve never forgotten him. Later that day we were back at our neighbor’s house playing in the back yard. I climbed to the top of the hill and this same man popped up in front of me and scared me. There’s just no way this man would have been in the backyard of my friend’s house at that time. I’m interested to know what happened here?

The Council says this man was another spirit you’ve known in other lifetimes that was sort of passing through and you were allowed to see him. You allowed yourself to tune into what is much more than most of us experience in this reality. It was an experience you were able to remember later on and learn from it.

Because you’re so much more connected to spirit when you’re younger, just accept you were lucky enough at that age to see something and have it stay with you to help you grow later in life.

It could have come at another time in your life where it wasn’t important for you to learn about spirits and you would have forgotten about it. This experience was for the exact purpose of stirring your memory and having the questions asked later in life.

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