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Believing in a Loving and Benevolent God When Life Sucks

This post is a response to a question for The Council from Chris, who wants to know how she can believe a loving and benevolent God exists when her life feels like evidence of the opposite. Chris asks how she can learn to believe and know she is heard and is important when she’s unable to perceive the presence of a loving and benevolent God in her life.

What Is God Like?

Among people who acknowledge the existence of God or a higher power (92% of Americans according to a university survey) beliefs tend to vary about what God is. According to this survey, beliefs in what God is like tend to fall into the following four types: Authoritarian (31%), Benevolent (25%), Critical (16%), and Distant (23%).

Where is God?

Whether we think of God in one or more (or none) of these four ways, we often think of God as being “out there” somewhere—like in heaven or throughout the Universe—rather than inside of us. But The Council advises all of us that it’s important to find God within ourselves—in our own consciousness. This can be a difficult concept to grasp if we’re accustomed to thinking of God as outside of us and we’re used to looking for evidence of God’s existence out in the world.

Evidence of God

The Council would like everyone to know that what we think and believe about God determines how we experience God (and how we don’t experience God), and they suggested we relate the following story often told by Abraham, a spiritual consciousness like The Council, who speak through best-selling author Esther Hicks.

Esther had a beautiful favorite pen that was a gift from her husband Jerry. It was a fountain pen she liked to use when writing special personal notes. One day she wasn’t able to find the pen and became concerned it was lost. She looked every place it could be, but couldn’t find it. Months later after Esther stopped thinking about the pen, it turned up in a pocketbook she had searched thoroughly many times. She had literally searched every corner of that pocketbook and turned it upside-down and shook it.

Abraham uses this story to illustrate the idea that when we think and believe something is lost, our thoughts and beliefs literally create limitations to our perception that make it almost impossible to find what we are looking for, even when evidence of it is continually in our presence. The Council wants Chris to know that while she’s looking for evidence of a loving and benevolent God, her expectation that God is lost to her makes it very difficult to perceive the abundant evidence God is continually in her presence.

Difficult Challenges

The Council observes that almost from the time she was born, Chris has experienced many difficult challenges that have left her feeling abandoned and that no one cares.

“And yes you did experience this. And you have learned that what you had to say or who you were was not important. And so you have learned the lesson very well. And you have taken it with you into your adult lifewhich many do.”

“And growing up there was always the hope of things getting better. And yet it was taken away from her many, many times.… It is with great strength that she has come this far. And even greater strength will take her into her future.”

–The Council

You Are God

The Council observes Chris has been getting in touch with a part of herself that knows she’s more than what she learned from these early difficult experiences, but this part of her is having difficulty being heard.

The part of Chris conditioned to believe it isn’t important has been hurt by many disappointments. It’s afraid it will be hurt again if Chris listens to the part of her that wants more from life—the part that knows it deserves all that is good. This is the part of Chris that knows she comes from the great source of all that is, the source we think of as God, the Creator.

“When we understand that each of us is pure spirit in a physical body, we also understand that each of us is part of God, part of the source of all that is.”

–The Council

The hurt part of Chris has forgotten it comes from God–that it is God—and in it’s fear it tries to prevent Chris from hearing the part of her that remembers this. The Council wants Chris to know that her belief that God doesn’t hear her is a result of Chris not hearing the part of her that remembers she comes from God, and is God.

Shutting Out God

“We know that Chris cannot believe in a God that hears her because she has shut down that part of herself that is connected to God—that will hear a pleaa prayerand answer it. She has learned over and over to hear: ‘You are not wanted. You will amount to nothing. Who do you think you are?’ And these are the thoughts that we see continue to come to her mind: ‘You will never succeed. You will never get better.’ Every thought is along those lines.

God Hears You

“So when you think this way, you shut down your faithyour beliefand you think God does not hear you. Godthe God inside of youhears you. You consciously do not hear it. You do not hear the good thoughts. They are overcome by the negative. So when you say, ‘God does not hear me,’ you do not hear you.”

–The Council

You Are Loved and Deserve All You Desire

“Old thoughts from Chris are blocking her connection to God[are] creating what she believes is a God that does not hear her. And again we say: she does not hear her; she does not hear the God voice inside of herthat knows who she really is and that she deserves all that she desires. And we say over and over: she is loved, she is loved, she is loved; she is precious; she is the essence of all good things; she is light. And those are the thoughts that we feel will help her.”

–The Council

Later in the session The Council informed us that, as spirit, Chris chose to experience the difficult challenges she’s experienced so she could know love more deeply by her powerful experience of its absence. This is another concept that can be difficult to grasp; we intend to elaborate on it in future posts. The essence of this concept is that the larger part of who we are is spirit, and our spirit develops a greater appreciation for the love that it is when part of spirit is able to have an experience of what love is not. The challenge for Chis is to find the love she is within herself and then she’ll have opportunities to share this love with others.

Time to Find Your Purpose

“And so there is no God that has turned away from you. It is the God within you that needs to be recognized. And it is now your turn to recognize yourself and to know that through everything, you have survived, you have a purpose. And it is time to find that purpose.

Open Your Heart

“How do you believe again? Open your heart. There is no one here now that will harm you. The prayers, and amens, and halleluiahs are not needed here. What is needed here is love for yourself. And we love you, and we are with you, and we are sending you this energy of love to help you through this time.”

–The Council

Focus On Your Future

“Knowing the parents and the people around her faced their own challenges is not enough to make the understanding of what was experienced easy to let go of. And so instead of going back to those memories, we feel what would help Chris the most is to focus on her future. And just imagine (as a little child would) what you would like to bring into your life. How would you like to feel? What would every day look like?

Think of Your Life the Way You Want it To Be

“Watch a movie. Read a book with happy stories. And perhaps visualize yourself in these beautiful scenes. Eventually you will get your own ideas of what your life would be like if it could be created the way you want it. And while we know this is very hard, or this seems to be a simple answer, it works.

“Now look forward. Think of your life the way you want it to be. Think a happy thought every day. If you ask for this help, we promise you it will come. Just be aware. The right peoplenew peoplewill come into your life who will appreciate you as you learn to appreciate yourself first?”

–The Council

Surrounded By a Beautiful Golden Light

The Council suggests that Chris find time to do a couple minutes of deep breathing then practice the following technique to increase spiritual awareness. The deep breathing is intended to shift the focus of awareness from what’s going outside to what’s going on internally.

“The easiest we see for herand what is needed right nowis a connection to spirit. And so every day, if only for 10 minutes, we ask you to surround yourself in a beautiful golden light. And feel this light caressing your skin, on your face, on your arms, around your shoulders as if you are being heldbeing held by angels if that is pleasantor that God has said: ‘I am here. I have never left you. Feel my arms around you.’ We see this is needed, and very, very easy to do.

“And perhaps later, a form of meditation. Always to find time to read spiritual books. And just to think the thought your heart is openingit is softening. And wonderful people will be coming into your life. We see this for you. Only you can let it in.

We Promise Your Life Will Change

“And even if it is once a day, to think the thought: ‘I am changing, I can hear myself, I am loved,’ and most of all, ‘I learn to love myself.’ There is a technique where you learn to look in the mirror every morning and say, ‘I love you.’ We would take it a step further and say, ‘Hi there, gorgeous.’ And so, as you do these little steps, we promise your life will change.”

–The Council

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  1. Glad you found the post helpful, Oksana. In our experience, loving yourself and being hard on yourself are both easier with practice. The more we focus on things that feel like life is hard, the easier it is to be hard on ourselves. The more we focus on things that feel loving, the easier it becomes to love ourselves.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 28, 2010

  2. Really found it helpful..So hard to love yourself and so easy to be so hard on ourself.


    Comment by oksana | June 24, 2010

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