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Striving for More Frequent Posts

The Council recently suggested that we take a break from working on a response to Chris’s question about a broken sacred contract in order to provide readers with more frequent posts. A couple weeks ago Cynthia had an experience that seems like a good candidate.

One of The Council’s Favorite Reminders

One of the points The Council makes most frequently and emphatically is how important it is that everyone know who they really are. While this advice isn’t new, (the ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is attributed to at least half a dozen sages including Socrates), The Council also reminds us that humans are non-physical, spiritual energy living in a physical body. Even this idea isn’t new, but it doesn’t seem well understood.

A Desire for the Feeling, Not Just Understanding the Words

Cynthia felt like she understood the words, but had a strong desire to experience the feeling of who she is as spirit in her body, not just an understanding of the words. Many times each day for a couple weeks she would say to herself, “I want to know who I really am. I want to see it and I want to feel it.” Cynthia wasn’t just thinking the thought and saying these words many times a day. She felt this powerful desire deep in her heart and felt like she was sending this feeling out to the universe, asking it to let her see and feel who she really is.

A Strong Impression of Being Heard

One day while Cynthia was focusing on this desire she received a strong impression she was being heard. This feeling stayed with her as she continued focusing on her desire from day to day. Some time after this Cynthia was lying on the bed with an idea to practice thinking good-feeling, happy thoughts. This is frequent advice from Abraham (another source of spiritual guidance we like), as well as The Council, for improving the way we feel. As a result she was feeling pretty good.

A Feeling of Infinite Love

Suddenly, with her eyes closed, Cynthia saw an enormous explosion of intensely bright light the color of the Sun. Her initial response was a gasp for breath that was difficult to release and a feeling her heart had stopped. This was followed by a profound feeling of calm that was quickly replaced with an indescribable feeling of infinite love within and all around her.

I Am Really Loved

Cynthia doesn’t know how long she was lying on the bed feeling this infinite love, but she says it felt like a long time and she didn’t want it to end. At one point she says she realized she had “a big, dumb-assed smile on my face from ear to ear,” which made her feel even happier. At some point during the experience of feeling this powerful loving energy Cynthia realized in a deeper way than ever before that she is loved, which doesn’t come easily for her. She was quite surprised by this revelation and remembers repeatedly thinking to herself, “I am loved. I am really loved.”

I am Loved

As this powerful revelation of being loved sank in, Cynthia had what felt like an even deeper and more profound realization. “The incredible love I was feeling was me.” “I am love,” she realized.  Love is what ‘who I really am’ feels like and the radiance of the Sun is what ‘who I really am’ looks like. And then the feeling was gone. It wasn’t until several days later during a session with The Council that Cynthia made the connection between her desire to feel and see who she really is as spirit in a physical body, and her experience of infinite love and light.

Thanks for the Guidance

Cynthia thanks Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham, and The Council for the guidance that helped her have this wonderful experience, and she hopes in some way this information helps you and other readers have a similar experience of who you really are as spirit-love-light in a physical body.

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