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Beginning to Channel a New Consciousness

This is a post about a new consciousness–a new voice–that seems interested in speaking through Cynthia lately, and how we’ve been experiencing this .

Almost a month ago after a session with The Council, Cynthia mentioned that during the session she was aware of a new consciousness in addition to the five spirit guides she experiences of as The Council. This new consciousness felt very much in harmony with The Council, but distinct from it. She described it as feeling powerful, clear, present and strong. It seemed to Cynthia that this consciousness had something to say, but when she tried to let it speak through her, no words came. She said it was as if she didn’t have the words to convey what this consciousness had to say.

I found this very interesting and took an opportunity during another session with The Council to ask about Cynthia’s experience. Here is some of what The Council had to say.

“It is not a new vibration. With the expansion of your energy, your vibration reaches out further. It’s almost as if you are now able to reach another station on your TV. And as this grows, and this practice of meditation is done frequently, there are other spirits that are longing to come in a speak.”

I was excited by what The Council said. It was a little like someone was going to give us free premium cable television channels, only better. I had been wondering whether information from additional spirits might seem confusing on a website called Ask The Council and I asked about this.

“We are all one and we are a collective consciousness, so we see no need to find difficulty with the name. And yet it’s always your choice, if you feel comfortable at another time, to change it.”

I asked whether new spirits should also be considered part of The Council.

“Yes, we are all here to give counsel.”

About two weeks passed without the appearance of any new spirits or conversation with The Council on the subject, and I brought up this subject again and they gave the following reply.

“We here in spirit are always interested in communicating. More and more we are reaching out. And those who are open–for not everyone believes it is possible to communicate–we are being heard more and more. And so there is no one spirit devoted to one person. We are all in the same collective consciousness. When you are open to this communication it makes it possible for us to be heard.

“And where we are there is no name to us, but because it helps with communication to you in the physical body to have a name, we suggest one like your Abraham or your Seth that you are so familiar with. And because so many of us were able to communicate with Cynthia, we thought it would be fun to call ourselves The Council. Of course we could have called ourselves George and John and Ringo. (pause) So there are many of us here.”

I mentioned to The Council I was under the impression from their comments in one or two recent sessions that other spirits were interested in communicating with us.

“When Cynthia is ready to hear this communication and in her brain finding a way to translate it, as the knowledge comes, this will happen.”

Bob: “So it seems like this would need to be a desire on her part and then she would need to…”

Council: “It is a desire and a way to understand how this communication is coming in and to put it in your very limited language. Language is very limiting. It is vibration. It is practicing and it will come.

So Cynthia and I have been practicing our meditation. It’s our intention to meditate together once a day, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Most of our meditations together don’t include conversations with The Council, although Cynthia is in frequent communication with them throughout each day. More and more I experience a vibrational connection with The Council, but I have yet to develop Cynthia’s talent for speaking for these non-physical beings.

It seems like weekends are when we’re most likely to sit for a session with The Council. If it’s our intention to connect and ask a question we usually turn on a digital voice recorder. It’s not unusual for Cynthia to get messages from The Council or speak for The Council during a meditation that isn’t being recorded. It was during a couple of these meditations during the past few days that Cynthia reported getting small pieces of communication from the consciousness she first became aware of almost a month ago.

“For the greatest good of all.” “Not for the sake of understanding.” “Consciousness tomorrow.” And, “Consciousness in time,” are the pieces of communication that have come through at different times during the past few days. This type of fragmented communication is different from what we’re currently used to with The Council, but Cynthia says when she first began speaking for The Council, it also came through in a similar fragmented manner.

My impression of the first two statements is that we are being advised to consider things from the point of view of what the greatest good for all might mean. “Not for the sake of understanding,” feels like an emphasis on an emotional understanding rather than an intellectual one of what the greatest good for all might be. The last two statements are a little more of a mystery. At first I suspected some sort of breakthrough in consciousness the next day. If it happened, we missed it. Perhaps “consciousness in time” is a suggestion that consciousness will come in time if we continue to meditate and pay attention to communications from The Council and similar beings.

Cynthia wasn’t sure if this post would be interesting to readers because it didn’t seem to offer specific spiritual guidance. It’s my opinion that the information about spirit’s interest in communicating with everyone who has a desire to hear might be an inspiration for many to meditate and give attention to this type of communication. We hope that sharing a little of our recent process has been useful for you in some way. We expect there will be more “consciousness in time” and we’ll do our best to share it with you in future posts on this site. We welcome your comments and questions, either for The Council or for the two of us.

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  1. While Cynthia has made a connection with other spirits over the years who we don’t associate with The Council, we would say we haven’t made a better connection with the spirit we were referring to in this post. We hope this helps. Love & light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 3, 2017

  2. This is a really interesting post. I know it’s from a few years ago. Has Cynthia gained a better connection with this consciousness as time has passed?


    Comment by importantornotblog | March 3, 2017

  3. Bob, thanks for stopping by our blog. Its great to connect with another “channel partners” couple, a term our spirit guide gave to us. Another friend reached out to me yesterday explaining he and his soul mater were also channel partners, and though they haven’t started a blog, what he shared resonated with me as does your post! It is exciting to know there are others listening and connecting with their guides, and seeking the “best and highest for all concerned.” Continued love and light on your journey! – John


    Comment by johnhstringer | July 3, 2010

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