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Communicating with the Spirit of Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Bobby’s Question

This post is a response to a question from a reader named Bobby, who believes, “Spirit…[is], at times, available to us here on Earth when we want signs, information, a visit.” Bobby says, “I find it curious…, when I’ve had sessions with mediums/psychics/sensitives, my wish/want to have a visit or get information from specific relatives does not seem to manifest. …I have questions as to why some seem able/available, while others make no ‘effort’ to so much as send information to us?”

Bobby continues: “I have visited with more than a few reputable mediums/psychics who have given me very clear, relevant information/guidance, so I am fairly certain it is not the person(s) ‘translating’ the information in my situation. And I have most definitely had my fair share of crisis in my life well worthy of someone stepping in and sending me a shout out. But if Spirit is sort of out there willing and waiting to communicate in one form or another, why is it only some want to step forward?”

Bobby also wants to know: “At what time (if ever) is Spirit that has left this realm, available to us here for information? For example, Osama bin Ladin recently left our planet. Is he going to be a Spirit out there that someone, anyone, can speak with?”

They are Always Available

In response to Bobby’s comment that she believes spirit is available, at times, when she’s looking for spiritual guidance, The Council replies:

“They are always available.

“You are always in touch with these people you believe that have passed on. And while you are waiting for them to appear during a session, you have visits with them constantly; most [visits] are when you are asleep in the physical body.

“You connect with these people. And we would like to say here that if you have gone many times to other psychics and mediums, and these people (you believe) are not coming forward to speak to you, maybe it is [in] part for you to know that these other people (these other psychics) are not necessary [in order] for you to connect [with the spirit of loved ones who have passed].

“And so, if you meditate, if you ask for signs, in one way or another these spirits (who you believe have passed) will come. And while they may not come and sit down and have a cup of coffee with you, they will come and show you that they are around. But you are constantly in conversation, and you are constantly meeting with these spirits that are passed.

“When we sleep, when we are (what we call) unconscious, the beliefs of time and space do not constrict what we can do, and we can – with our thoughts – be in communication with the spirit world, and we can be with the others that have passed. We are never cut off from spirit.”

“This desire to communicate with others that have passed on, it is important that Bobby understand they are always around her; they are always communicating with her.”

–The Council (similarly formatted text in this post represents The Council’s comments)

Message from Jellybean

At this point in the session I (Bob) commented to The Council that I imagined, “Bobby is looking for something that he can experience more tangibly in terms of a communication and signs. (Note: I originally thought Bobby is male, based on the spelling of her name.)

“We believe that perhaps Bobby would like to know that Jellybean is sending love. And when Bobby is giving aid and caring for other animals, Jellybean is assisting in this.

I asked The Council if Jellybean was a loved pet.

“Yes, and so we believe this will be appreciated.”

Why Spirit May Not Be Communicating Through Psychics & Mediums

Responding to Bobby’s comment she’s “fairly certain” the reason the spirit of passed loved ones aren’t reaching out to her is not the inability of reputable and talented mediums/psychics she’s consulted, The Council replies:

“Spirit is always willing to communicate. So perhaps on this [physical] end, the psychic is not hearing the communication, but usually that [situation] is so that you can (on some level) become more determined to have a communication, and knowing (here we go again) you are a spirit in a physical body. You can have this communication yourself.”

The Council suggests a more likely explanation for a psychic’s/medium’s inability to connect with the spirit of certain loved ones is that these spirits want Bobby to connect with them directly by becoming more connected to who she is as a spirit in a physical body.

Message from Grandmother

Responding to Bobby’s comment: “I have most definitely had my fair share of crisis in my life well worthy of someone stepping in and sending me a shout out,” The Council replies:

“And so we would like to say, from your grandmother, (while she sends much love) she is saying to you, ‘Be tough, and do not rush your decisions.’ We believe that will be understood.”

I asked The Council if Bobby’s grandmother is encouraging Bobby to be tough, in general, or at this particular time.

“At this particular time in her life.”

“To be tougher, to have a strong backbone, but that does not mean to be like her mother.”

Bob: “Okay. So I guess her mother was strong in a certain way, and her grandmother doesn’t want her [Bobby] to be like that.”

“Right. And so we usually would not do this in a public forum, but we feel this is needed.”

Spirit Is Always Available (Revisited)

Responding to Bobby’s question: “At what time (if ever) is Spirit that has left this realm available to us here for information? The Council replied:


Bob: “And it seems that spirit doesn’t have to leave this realm to be available for communication. Would you agree?”

“Exactly. And many times during the sleeping hours you are communicating with other spirits that are also in a physical body.”

Osama bin Ladin’s Spirit?

Answering Bobby’s question if Osama bin Ladin is “going to be a Spirit out there that someone, anyone, can speak with?” The Council responded:

“Of course.

“And we believe that how everyone has experienced him, this also was an agreement to let the spirit come into the physical and portray this role.

“And so there was a great agreement of consciousness to have this unfold.

“And so this spirit called Osama did his part that he agreed to, and being completely in spirit, is evolving…is expanding, and will also return to the physical.”

A Meditation for Connecting With Spirit

Bobby’s question reminds us of the very first question for The Council when we started this blog in March 2010. An acquaintance named Gayle asked: “I often feel informed by the paths of my ancestors. I would like to deepen this understanding for my own spiritual development. I would like to graciously ask The Council how to best tap into this sense.”

In our first post, Meditation for Spiritual and Emotional Inspiration, The Council answered Gayle’s question by suggesting a step-by-step meditation that works with the energy centers at the top of the head and around the heart, to experience an increased connection with spirit – our own and others.

The Council often refers to this meditation as the crown/heart chakra meditation, and they often recommend it during sessions to answer readers’ questions. In August 2011 we did a session with The Council that provided some refinements to the original crown/heart chakra meditation. We haven’t published these refinements yet in a post, but we intend to. We also intend to make a guided meditation audio recording available for people who’d like to try this.

In Conclusion

Our conversation with The Council to answer Bobby’s questions is memorable to us for several reasons:

  1. The Council’s repeated emphasis that human beings are always connected to spirit feels very reassuring.
  2. We like that The Council was able to give Bobby a message from her pet, Jellybean, and from her grandmother, and that The Council encourages Bobby (and the rest of us) to have more confidence in our own ability to connect with spirit.
  3. We’re fascinated by The Council’s point of view that Osama bin Laden’s actions were part of a great agreement of consciousness to let his spirit come into the physical and play a part that he agreed to as a spiritual being.

Looking Forward

Our discussion with The Council on Bobby’s question occurred toward the end of a session that began with an inspiring conversation on ways people can overcome some of the difficulties and frustrations that may occur when we attempt to deliberately create what we desire in our lives.

In our next post we will share The Council’s recent insights on how to simplify the process of manifesting what we desire in our physical experience.

 Let Us Know What You Think

As always, we hope you’ve benefited from the information in this post and we’d love to know what you think of this material. Look for a Comment box or a Comment link below this post and feel free to let us know if you have questions about ideas mentioned in this post, ideas in other posts, or topics we haven’t written about yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi, Kate. Cynthia isn’t accustomed to contacting the spirit of people who have departed physical reality and asking them questions, although it’s not unusual for these spirits to make their presence known to her. Our spirit guides, The Council, are our primary source of spiritual information. When we get a chance we’ll do a session with The Council to see if we can get some guidance for you about a big move to another state. We’ll also ask The Council about Mark and let you know what they have to say.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 13, 2014

  2. Hello, my name is kate. I lost my boyfriend and soulmate mark three years ago, I am still so devastated it’s hard to explain, my life has continued with him as life does I guess, I’ve worked hard to make the best of it, and I have a big question for mark, my question is,a big move to another state is possible, will things be much better there if I move, or is where I am going to drastically improve and I should stay here in az?
    I hope you have time to talk to my mark and get his answer for me,.i so try to talk to him but I just cant,.I know he stays around me every single day tho,.i do feel that,.im almost positive I feel that


    Comment by katemadsen | July 12, 2014

  3. Hi Margot,
    We’re so glad you found the post on Joe’s relationship questions enlightening and that it inspired you to ask your own (very interesting) relationship question.

    We think we know what you mean when you say that “bringing love into each relationship” seems too vague at this point to answer your question about your twin brother. As people like you get inspired to ask a question based on something you read on our blog, we like to think the The Council’s answers will benefit others besides you, and maybe inspire others to ask their own questions, which can help us all find better ways of being who we are as spiritual beings in a physical body/reality.

    We’re currently working on an answer to Freddy’s question on the influence that better-feeling thoughts can have on our lives. We’re also adding recorded audio content to the post on Joe’s questions. We’ll do a session with The Council on your question as soon as we can, and it could easily take a few weeks or more to get a post published. Please be patient. You can subscribe to email notifications about new posts by clicking the ‘Follow’ icon that probably appears in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window when you’re viewing our blog. This way you’ll be notified when the post is published. Thanks again for your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 19, 2012

  4. Dear Council,
    I see that you have recently commented on “Joe’s” relationship with his children and I found the response very enlightening. I decided to reach out and ask my own ‘relationship-based’ question.
    I am a twin and have had a strained relationship with “my other half” so to speak. We are opposite gender and opposite most everything else in our lives. More recently, he has pulled further away from me and from many things in his life. I have chosen to reach out to him which has resulted in some forward movement in our strained relationship. It strikes me that even if I’m “successful” in getting him to meet and talk with me, I really will never get to “know” who he is in this lifetime. While I have somewhat come to terms with this thought, it does make me question the purpose. What is the purpose of both of us being from the same womb, sharing that very intimate space for so long and living as “twin” brother and sister only to live two very different emotional, physical and spiritual lives? I see from Joe’s reading that the purpose of bringing love into each relationship is there as a theme in my emerging relationship with my brother, but that just seems to vaporous and vague when it comes to thinking of something that could have moved very differently over these past 70 plus years.
    I would very much like to hear the Council’s input on my thoughts/feelings if possible as it relates or does not relate to Joe’s reading.
    Thank you so much,


    Comment by Anonymous | June 18, 2012

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