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Spiritual Near Death Experiences

Anita Moorjani’s Spiritually Uplifting Near Death Experience

Reports of spiritual near death experiences (NDEs) seem to have been around for a long time, but we didn’t give the subject much thought prior to seeing Anita Moorjani on Wayne Dyer’s public television special, Wishes Fulfilled, earlier this year. Anita described a remarkable experience she had when her body went into a coma and her organs began to shut down after a 4 year struggle with cancer.

Although doctors said she wouldn’t live more than a few more hours, Anita described having a transcendent beyond-the-physical-body experience of her magnificence as powerful eternal energy and consciousness able to quickly heal her body of cancer. She emerged from her coma remembering her magnificence and her power, and 4 days later medical tests revealed that 70% of her previously detected cancer was gone. Within 5 weeks doctors were unable to find any cancer in her body.

Recently after learning of a local personal appearance by Anita, which coincided with The Council’s first-time suggestion to read about near death experiences, we both felt inspired to read Anita’s book, Dying To Be Me, about her experience. We decided to skip over most of Part I (described by Anita in her Introduction as an explanation of how growing up full of fear led to her “descent into the prison of cancer.”) But the rest of the book is some of the most uplifting and spiritually inspiring writing we’ve come across in a long time.

Reading Anita’s description of her near death experience and her resulting understanding of a greater reality beyond physical reality is a transcendent experience in itself, and a wonderful reminder of who you are as a spiritual being living simultaneously in a spiritual reality and a physical reality; something The Council reminds us often. If you’re interested in learning more about who you are as a spiritual being, we encourage you to read Anita’s book.

In addition to sharing our enthusiasm for Anita’s book with you, we did a session with The Council on near death experiences and we’d like to share transcribed highlights from that session with you.

Why Near Death Experiences?

“These near death experiences, on the whole, are experienced so that the ones that have gone over to spirit and come back, can erase the fear of the people that are still in physical, and know that eventually all will transition out of the body.

“So there is love and there is fear. And these people who choose to have the near death experience, that is their way of bringing love into the situation of what people are calling dying (and there is fear connected to that). And so if you can put that in a post, we feel that will be very helpful.”

—The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Bob:  “So the people that are having near death experiences are doing it more to help other people have an understanding?”

“Yes. And then also to live their life differently, because now they know who they really are.”

Bob: “And people can know who they really are without having a near death experience?

“Yes. But for the ones who have the near death experience, when they come back to the physical they live their lives differently because now they know what they have experienced. And they know who they truly are. There is no question in their mind who they truly are.”

Bob: “So one of the points it would be good for us to emphasize is how people who are having near death experiences are choosing this as a way of learning about who they are as spiritual beings, and then using that awareness to live a more loving life in physical reality?”

“Yes. And to bring back the message of what it is like when you leave the body – the physical body. And so whether someone has had a near death experience and comes back and shares it just with their friends and family, or comes back and writes a book, the message is coming back and that is what is wanted.”

Bob: “It sounds like you’re saying that people have a lot of fear and confusion about what happens when they leave the physical body, and near death experiences are a way of helping people have a better understanding of that.”

“When one leaves the physical body they are always immediately engulfed with a feeling of love, and calmness, and acceptance. But the love… there is no word in your language to describe… and you immediately know that you are this feeling of love that you are experiencing. That that is who you are.”

Questioning Brings Answers

“At this time when we are learning we are spirit in a physical body, well what else are we when we’re spirit when we’re not in a physical body? And for many, many years the answer was: Well you return home. So of course people in their questioning [asked]: Well what happens when you return home? How do you return home? Are you thrown in a box and the lid is put on, and you’re put in the ground and that’s it? How do you return home?

“And so many people have had these near death experiences because it was their choice to experience this and come back with the information. Is that understood?

Bob:   “Yes, I’m making progress. I’m curious a little bit about the timing. You seem to suggest that at this particular time in our reality it’s somehow more relevant than at other times…”

“Well as we expand here in spirit and you in physical help bring the expansion – at one time you were just a physical person, now the teaching is you’re a spirit in this physical body. At one time you were at the mercy of whatever your life was like. Now, through expansion, you are learning you are the creator of your own life. And then adding to this, after you create your own life, how do you exit? What happens? So it is a continuous questioning that comes one step after another, after another.”

Bob: “So if I understand what you’re saying correctly, it sounds like you’re saying that we’ve always been spirit in a physical body, but for…”

“…for centuries there was no understanding of this.”

Bob: “Right. So we were spirit in a physical body, but there wasn’t an understanding in the physical body (so much) of our spiritual origins.”


“So as we are ready and we wish [for] more information for the expansion, because we are beginning to understand, more and more information will come forward.”

You Create Your Passing

“There are many books, and what should be remembered here is that you will all have your own experience. And so it is good to read and learn about other people’s experiences; it helps bring more understanding.

“But each person, when it is their time to leave the physical body, will have their own experience, and there are many that do not have pleasant experiences at first. And so it is very important to always go back to learning you are a spirit in a physical body, and you create everything. So you create your passing also.”

Bob: “I’m a little bit curious what you meant by: some don’t have such a good experience.”

“Because of their beliefs and how they choose to exit, there are many believing that perhaps they have not lived a life that was so positive and helpful; or they were guilty from things they were taught they should be guilty about. They will have an unpleasant experience at first, but eventually, because it is an illusion, that all changes.”

Bob: “Are you saying that some people create experiences after they leave the body that don’t feel like love and light?”

“Exactly. And for a while they can roam around in this and then there is always family and spirits that will come and show them the way. And then they will recognize the light.”

“Because there is no time here, we can’t say you are in this place for 5 minutes or for 5 months. You are just there until you realize there is no need to be there, and you are perfect, and you are love. And then you blend into the love and the light.”

What About People Who Don’t Believe in Life After Physical Death?

“Many people believe that they do not have a belief in god, and so that when they die [they believe] it is over.

“And so whether you believe in a god or a goddess, or whatever else you can come up with – a higher power… you will still come home to spirit. You will still experience the love of who you are.

“And so for many who do not believe that is what they wish to experience now, they are still going to return to spirit in love and light.”

Powerfully Convincing Aspects of NDEs

Bob: Are there other aspects of the near death experiences that people are having that you would like people to know about… that you would like for us to write about?

“We feel what is important with many of these NDEs is that the person, when they return, can now tell the people around them what they heard and what they saw of what was going on around their physical body. And so that’s sort of what we would say, the clincher.

“When you can come back and say, ‘I saw you running down the hall,’ and, ‘I saw you running across the street coming into my hospital room,’ or ‘… coming into my house’. ‘I saw you pick me up off the floor and you said…,’ whatever you said.

“So when they can come back and give that information, we would say it is easier for people to believe.”

“And that they can see and be anywhere that they can think of when they are in spirit. They can see, like Anita said her brother who was in another country (we believe), she saw him traveling, trying to get to the hospital.

“You can with your thoughts – and there have been stories told about it – you can travel around the world to even what you think is saying good-bye to someone. And then when you come back [you] say, ‘I stood in your house at 3 am and you were doing this, and this, and this.’

“And so it is these stories they bring back that is what convinces most people that they really did have this near death experience.”

Bob: “And would you say that the more we get in touch with who we are as spiritual beings, the more we’re able to have these types of experiences without coming near physical death.”

“Oh, definitely. And that is why we are all here teaching: you are spirit, you are running around, playing around, having experiences in a physical body.”

In Closing

We didn’t want to end this post without another recommendation to read Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me. It’s been that meaningful to us and we hope you benefit from it also. (Part II and Part III of the book is what we benefited from most. If Part I isn’t to your liking, don’t be concerned about skipping to Part II. We don’t think this will detract from your appreciation of the rest of the book.)

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the subject of near death experiences is relatively new to us, and a it’s a new subject for our sessions with The Council. Now that we’re a little more familiar with the subject, and The Council is recommending reading about it, we wouldn’t be surprised if we revisit this subject in this blog from time to time.

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  1. Hi, Jose. Good to hear from you. It seems to us the reason some spiritual beings choose during a NDE to return to physical reality is that this is consistent with their spiritual intention for incarnating into that lifetime. And a spirit that chooses not to return to the same physical body, and allows their physical body to die, probably feels like their spiritual intentions for that lifetime have been fulfilled.

    We suppose many spiritual beings do return to physical reality when they realize their spiritual power, but they don’t necessarily return to the physical body and lifetime they’ve been living (for the reason suggested above).

    It’s our understanding that from a spiritual point of view, human pain and suffering are perceived as opportunities for you to expand the love you are into physical reality. Maybe there is a spiritual agreement to help those “left behind” go through that experience because it is something they desired to bring love into in this lifetime.

    Despite the way it may appear in different books about NDEs, we like to think every soul has the free will to choose whether to return to their physical body or not. In Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me, it seemed her father was reminding Anita of a spiritual intention she has for this lifetime, not telling her she had to go back. As we recall, he emphasized she had the free will to choose.

    Hope this helps. When we’ve had a chance to get The Council’s point of view, we’ll pass it along. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 15, 2014

  2. Bob, Cynthia and the Council, thanks again for always bringing up interesting topics. I read Anita Moorjani’s book last year and found it very insightful regarding what happens when we cross over. One of the questions that lingers after reading her story and similar other NDE ones is:
    Why do some people come back from an NDE, and others not? NDE’ers always mention being given a choice or told to go back because they still have to fulfill their purpose. From Anita’s experience it appears that once we realize our magnificence (by crossing over) we can cure ourselves from any disease (or catastrophic accident) and live a wonderful life. That being the case, why would not everyone want to return to the physical after realizing such power, more so knowing that they are also leaving behind their loved ones with pain and suffering? Having said that, if you die and are told to go back, who’s free will is it?

    Thanks for the post!



    Comment by Jose | January 14, 2014

  3. Thank you, and the same to you.


    Comment by janonlife | December 31, 2013

  4. Hi, Jan. Thanks for suggesting ND Walsch’s book, Home With God. We were surprised when The Council mentioned that everyone doesn’t immediately experience unconditional love, light, and joy when leaving the physical body for the last time. It’s been our understanding from Abraham’s teachings that everyone experiences the love right away, which seems like a nice thought. The Council seems to be saying the love is available immediately, but not every soul is immediately open to letting into their experience. In thinking about this, it sounds like they’re saying something similar about our ability to experience unconditional love before we leave our physical body. We considered leaving this information out of the post, but decided it came through for a reason and included it so readers can decide for themselves what they choose to believe.

    Glad you found this post fascinating. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes for a loving, healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year, Jan. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 30, 2013

  5. Interesting timing of this post for me, Bob and Cynthia. A few weeks ago I was giving a talk in London about an experience I had of contact with a friend who had ‘died’ some years before, but because she knew her child was still grieving, she was able to tell me in great detail of an event that would have great meaning to him, and would convince him that she was still very much alive in spirit.
    In preparing for the talk I was prompted to reread Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Home with God’. I was struck by how closely his message echoes the words of this channel from The Council. He too speaks of people’s beliefs creating their post ‘death’ experience – which can sometimes seem unpleasant – until they recognise that they create their reality at all stages of their existence and come to understand who they really are.
    You may find it interesting to take a look.
    Thanks for another fascinating post – Jan


    Comment by janonlife | December 30, 2013

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