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Are Some Things Meant To Be?

The idea some things in life are ‘meant to be’ and others aren’t, is an interesting and somewhat popular one, particularly when it comes to relationships. Lots of people who wouldn’t ordinarily admit they believe in fate or destiny seem tolerant of the idea that in close personal relationships, things are sometimes meant to be.

In this post we look at The Council’s answer to questions from Chris about what’s meant to be in her life. Although Chris’s questions are about a meaningful relationship, The Council’s answer is a reminder that you create your reality, and their answer offers helpful guidance on how you can do this. Here’s Chris’s question:

“How do I know if I’m meant to be with someone?

“I am 51 years old, am still single, and want to finally stop waiting, working toward, or wondering if I am MEANT to be with anyone.”

“I was in two long-term relationships before, one of which I wanted to work out, but didn’t.

“Then I learned to be ok and fine alone, happy, and rarely longing for someone.

“But now I feel more alone, and was wondering if ‘my time’ was finally coming, or I am just not dealing with my reality?”


The Council’s Answer

“And so she says, is she meant to be with someone, and is her time coming?

She is the one that will decide if she is meant. She is the one that will decide if her time is coming, because… why? [Because] we are spirit in a physical body and we create our reality.

“And so from what she says, she has experienced a relationship and she has experienced being alone. And so we think for her, she should look back at both situations and focus on what she found loving and pleasant in both situations.

“And so when she can appreciate being in a relationship, and being alone (being with herself and feeling the appreciation and the love [for that]), she will then bring in someone new, someone more on the same vibration that she would be on.

“And it would be more of a relationship that would work out because if she is feeling loving and appreciation, and brings someone of that vibration into her reality, it will be a long-lasting relationship.”

“First to raise her vibration, and once that is in the vibration of love and appreciation, she will (as they say, like attracts like) bring the perfect person in for her to have a life-long relationship, if that is what she wants.

“But we would like her to know that she is not running out of time. There is nowhere it is written that she is meant or not meant to be in a relationship.

“And so, with her thoughts, and with her feelings, and her focus, she will create what she wants.”

“And so when she can focus always on that [happy memories] instead of on the doubt and the worry that time is running out, it will completely change the vibration… and what she brings in.”

—The Council
(Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

You are the Creator of Your Reality

The idea something is meant to be suggests that someone or something other than you (God, spirit, fate, destiny, karma, your higher self, etc.) intends or means for something in your life to be a certain way, for good or bad, whether you want it to or not.

But The Council makes the point that Chris is the one who gets to decide if she is meant to be in the type of relationship she’s asking about, and she’s the one who decides if her time for this is coming. They rhetorically ask why this is so, and answer that it’s because you’re a spiritual being in a physical body, and you create the reality you experience.

The Council wants Chris to know she’s not running out of time to have the relationship she’s asking about, and it’s not written anywhere that she is or isn’t meant to have this kind of relationship, if she wants to. Their point that you create your reality with your thoughts, your feelings, and the focus of your attention is a short, but effective reminder that this is how it’s done.

Focus on What Feels Good

The Council advises Chris to think about the pleasant and loving aspects of the times she was in relationships, as well as the times she was on her own – feeling as much appreciation for those times as she can, thinking of happy memories and things that make her smile. Rather than doubting and worrying her time is running out, The Council says focusing on better feeling thoughts will completely change for the better the way Chris feels. This sounds like good advice for the rest of us also.

Like Attracts Like

From The Council’s point of view, the way you feel is a vibration that radiates out into the world, and like vibrations are attracted to each other. So when Chris worries she’s running out of time to have the relationship she wants, that vibration is what goes out to the world, attracted to and attracting similar vibrations from other people. And when Chris feels good from appreciating better feeling aspects of her life in and out of relationships, this vibration is what goes out to the world, attracted to and attracting those vibrations from other people.

Based on this principle of like attracts like (often referred to as the law of attraction), if Chris is interested in a relationship that feels more like the vibration of love and appreciation, The Council’s advice to focus her attention in ways that feel loving makes a lot of sense.

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