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How Do I Release My Connection to This Soul?

This post is inspired by an anonymous reader who says she’s suffered over a contract with her soul mate that he’s repeatedly broken. But The Counsel says there’s no contract to break, just an agreement, and it’s time to change it, to end it, or redesign it.

She seeks a release from the suffering she’s experienced, has no interest in men she meets even though they’re interesting, says she wants out of the relationship with her soul mate, and doubts she’ll feel love again although she’d like to. The Counsel asks how she can never feel love again when that is what she truly is. It is her essence even though she chooses out of fear, frustration, and anger not to experience it.

The Counsel says the man she calls her soul mate isn’t involved with other women out of weakness, but because he’s searching for love and that’s all good. They suggest she move forward in a loving spirit and understand this is just a plan that’s taken a turn. Nothing is wrong. There’s just a different way to experience the love she thought she’d have with this man.

The Council says the most important thing to remember is that these two people agreed they would try to bring love into this reality. But there are difficult times and the question is, can you stay in the love? The Counsel believes she doesn’t feel this love for herself so they say to step away from this relationship and find it. When she finds it things will change for her. It’s possible it will be a magnet that will bring him back or she will bring in new people that are the same loving vibration.

Listen to the entire 11-minute session to hear all the details.

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  1. Dear Anonymous. Interesting questions about past lives. We’ll ask The Council and post a response as quickly as possible.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 18, 2015

  2. Dear, Cynthia, Bob and The Council,
    I was seeing a man who states we were together in a few past lives, but I don’t feel that is true. Are you able to tell me if this is true and why was he confused about how he felt about me? One minute he talks about us living together, the next minute he would break it off.

    However, I feel i had a definite past life with my ex best friend. Do you think there is a reconciliation for us in the future?

    Much needed guidance. Thank you!


    Comment by Anonymous | May 18, 2015

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been divorced for almost 2 years now. While my husband and I were married I was completely faithful to him for our 12 years together. He and I had very little contact with other people and I’m almost 100 % sure that he was faithful as well. Our relationship was a traditional marriage…monogamous. Now..As I look on the internet about other people I often hear about people in open-relationships and I was intimate with one man who was in a failing open relationship. Sometimes I think maybe this is something I should try because I tend to get so consumed and obsessed in my romantic relationships, but when I really consider it the thought disturbs me to the core. I know I would be jealous and I know I would feel left out and get my feelings hurt because I went beyond boundaries that I felt comfortable with.
    Why is it that the idea of a non-monogamous relationship disturbs me so much? Is this something that I should be more open to? They scare me. Is it ok to be monogamous?


    Comment by Julia | February 8, 2015

  4. A very comforting and beautiful post. I’m sure it will bring fresh hope to many – myself included x

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by janonlife | February 7, 2015

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