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Where Does Evil Come From?

This post is inspired by a question from a reader named Diana who says that The Council always reminds us we are spirit and we are love and asks where evil comes from, why does it exist, and why would someone choose to experience being evil in a physical body?

The Council’s initial response was that evil is created from our thoughts and beliefs. When I (Bob) said we might need a little more than that, they elaborated.

The Council says we are here to experience any reality we wish to learn from and some of us choose to experience negativity and evil until we realize we created it and we have the ability to change it. Look at these situations as opportunities to learn and grow.

The Council says everything we experience in this physical reality that we consider evil is only here because we wanted the experience of changing it into something more loving. You want to remember who you really are as a spiritual being in a physical body and you have the ability to change evil and bring love into these situations.

When Diana comments there are some people who don’t appear to have a soul or a drop of love in them, The Council replies that everyone has a soul and everyone is love, but what keeps them from experiencing this is they have forgotten who they truly are. The challenge is to remember this.

When Diana asks how someone who manifests evil can be spirit and love The Council reminds us that spirit and human are one being who loves itself so much it allows us to experience whatever we choose while in the human body, and find our way back to who we are as spirit.

Listen to the entire 7-minute session to receive The Council’s full message.

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  1. Thank you!


    Comment by persephone2013 | May 18, 2015

  2. Interesting questions, Persephone. We’ll ask The Council and post their response as quickly as possible.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 18, 2015

  3. I’ve been following you for a while and appreciate your answer to the question of evil. I have a question about mental illness. It’s become obvious to me that during this lifetime I have surrounded myself with people who are mentally ill, unstable, or who have brain wiring that affects their behavior. I was raised by a mentally ill mother, with a brother whose wiring is what I call “twisted a bit” (he molested me), my childhood best friend (we were like inseparable sisters for years) has a personality disorder, and my son’s brain is not well regulated (affecting him physically and emotionally). What is all of this mental instability here to teach me? I get that we are love and are supposed to bring love into situations, but at times (especially recently) I feel like I’m the one starting to lose my mind. Why did I choose this? Thank you very much.


    Comment by persephone2013 | May 15, 2015

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